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Although Oddities, Inc. does not support the opinions generated on all of the sites listed below, we do find that a free flow of ideas is perhaps the most intoxicating delight one could experience.

Really "Religious" Sites

Immaculate Heart If you're into Mary, Great message board.
World Faggotry Exposed Yep, they're serious.
The Pastor General Purify the internet.
The Angel Moroni Own your own planet, become a Mormon.
Goshen Net All this and Heaven when you die. Message Boards galore.
Way of Life Good old fashioned Bible Believing Fundamentalists.
The Jack Hyles Homepage You thought Landover was anti-modern?

Other Religious Satire Sites

Post Fundamentalist Press Poppy Dixon's all new 'Adult Christianity.'
Ship Of Fools Webzine Cock-sure Calvinist Brits attempt humor.
Recreational Christianity They get down and dirty, not for the faint of heart.
The Door We wrote for them, now they will write for us.
Church of Mary, Queen of Heaven Mary told Jesus what to say - Catholic Supersite.
Ask Sister Rosetta A couple of Hail Mary's never hurt no one.

Friends of Oddities' Sites

Baptist Watch (Highly Recommended) An ambitious and sincere wake-up call.
Changes 20+ years with the Church of God, alternative paths.
IDIC Middle of the darn road political party (satire).
Travels With Mr. Woofer The Airedale From Hell: great short stories.
The Think Link Page Links to free and not so free thought.

Oddities, Inc Developed Sites:

Landover Shockwave Intro A little taste of what we are capable of.
Acme Products Experimental Shockwave site. Ranked A+ by Web review monthly.
Horror in the Church The Catholic Church tried to hide these stories.
Landover Hi-Def Snippets Half-moon graphics & staff quotes on a client side image map.
Splashboards Full Color photo billboards and teasers featuring Landover Staff.
Landover Tripod Distortion Photo negatives, a reverse mirror of the original.
The Official Landover Baptist Church There have been many copies,This is the real thing.
Landimation Microsoft Liquid Motion Mouse-Over Animation: Views in Explorer 4.0 Only.
Sex 4 Salvation Incredible Graphics, Animations and Pics! We overdid it. (Load Time 5 minutes).

If you have any suggestions, or happen upon a site that you think would fit in here, then send us mail.

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