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Welcome to the National Spinal Cord Injury Association's Resource Center!

We've gathered together the information you need to make informed choices, to find help, to get active and involved, to get connected.

In Touch With Kids.
Information on pediatric spinal cord injuries. A great resource for kids and parents.

Information for Students and the Media.
Writing about spinal cord injury? Get the facts about causes, treatments, and the latest information.

New Injury Information.
Features information specifically for people with new injuries. Read online or download directly to your computer.

Research on Spinal Cord Injury.
What are the latest discoveries? Who is doing the research? Connect to the latest in spinal cord injury research.

WWW Resources.
Internet resources with information on disabilities, the ADA, legislation, etc. All non-profit resources.

Resource Center Bookstore.
Select from the Resource Center's recommended titles, or search's database for the books of your choice.

What Can You Do?
Get active, get involved! Express yourself to the people who do the research and set the policies that effect you.

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