"I couldn't very well hold others to a standard I was, myself, unable to maintain."


Photo of JasperPhysical Description:

Jasper stands in profile, unaware of the viewer. He looks to the left and slightly down, his eyes are miles away and his brows are slightly furrowed. Both his complexion and hair are very light, but his eyes are of the deepest blue, providing the only spot of color to his features. His hair is thick and not quite shoulder length. He is smartly dressed in a dark, Victorian suit . His arms hang in front of him, and the fingers of his gloved hands are interlaced.

Full Name

Jasper Lord Retherford, Third Earl of Liester

Public Knowledge:

Jasper Lord Retherford, Third Earl of Leister, has had a long and distinguished career in the House of Lords. He is also a member of the Adventure Society, and has traveled most of the world in his lifetime, contributing to the collections of many museums throughout the country. He mostly resides within London, but has property in the surrounding countryside as well, and spends most of his time outside the city at Ashlove Manor, the ancestral abode of the Sedgwick's, which passed to him upon his mother's death.

Lord Retherford prefers the life of a bachelor, and is often out of the country exploring, even though he is no longer a young man.

 Home Shadow


Personal Symbol

The leaf and flower of a water plant

Personal Colors

Brown, Black and Silver

What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

"Watch your back, for the moment you don't...."


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Jasper Created by Wendi Strang-Frost
Photo is actor Ralph Fiennes
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