"If you want to obtain a certain thing,
you must first be a certain person.
Once you have become a certain person,
obtaining that certain thing
will not be a concern of yours any more."
-- Zen saying

"I hope for nothing.
I fear nothing.
I am free."
-- Nikos Kazantzakis


Portrait of Erikanna

Erikanna Kross' Image

Erikanna Kross, beautiful, willful, yet but a babe in the woods. With flawless skin, green eyes and a flashing white smile, it was clear early on that there was something very, very different about Kross. As the hard work and elements conspired to twist and bend the backs of those she'd grown up with, Kross was somehow spared the indignities of the cruel and hopeless life she led.

Public Knowledge:

Erikanna Kross, adopted child of Anita and Karl Kross, grew up in Inkburrow Crossing, outside the county seat and industrial center of Clevenger Downs, a good ways north of London. Like everyone else of her low social standing, Kross went to work in the textile mills at the age of five. Her aunt died when she was ten and Karl died in a coal mine accident a few years later, leaving Erikanna alone in the world... Or so she thought.

Having been last seen on a Sunday up on Howard's Hill as a storm came in the summer of '92, it wouldn't be the first time Erikanna had been marked down as dead.  Now, struggling to make a life as the mistress of Theodore Weatherhampton, gentleman farmer and veteran of the Crimean War, perhaps it would have been preferable to have remained dead, for a cruel fate was soon to catch up with her....

Full Name

Erikanna Kross, born in 1867, died in 1892, and then again, in 1873...

Home Shadow

Inkburrow Crossing, north of Manchester and London, Clevenger County.

Personal Symbol

Personal Colors


What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

"Our deeds still travel with us from afar,
And what we have been makes us what we are."
--'George Eliot'


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