"I vow my life to seeing revenge fulfilled tenfold upon them and their families."


Portrait of BrynnPhysical Description:

She's standing in a woodland setting. Behind her are stone ruins, covered with moss and overgrown with ivy. Her hair is light brown and short, her eyes blue-grey, her complexion fair. She's wearing a dark blue quilted vest, white shirt, and brown leather pants with dark blue piping disappearing into black boots. In her right hand is a knife, edged on one side, slick with blood. Her left is clenched into a fist and held out toward the viewer. Bright blood seeps between the fingers and drips to the ground. The expression on her face is both sad and intense.


Alternate Names

Ellabrynnethys Powys

Home Shadow


Personal Symbol

A falcon swooping for the kill

Personal Colors

Dark blue and brown

What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

"Let my death not be in vain."


To Brynn's Journals

Brynn Created by Karen Klutzke
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