"Aye, and you are the stronger of us two.
The anchor without which we would founder."


Portrait of Aladris

The woman stands against a sooty brick wall, half in shadow. She is young and impassive of face, though her brilliant sapphire eyes hold your gaze for a moment, speaking to you of things beyond the simple portait you see. Her hair is white-blond, braided back, and her fair features have an odd, delicate cast to them -- a slight lift to the eyebrow, a slight pointing of the ears, as though some exotic blood flows through her veins. She is dressed in a simple leather jacket and trowsers with a silk blouse, all dyed a deep midnight blue, and one gloved hand -- the one in shadow -- grips a dagger, while the other carelessly holds a long-thorned rose with petals of dusty azure. Though a fixed portrait, you sense that, were it a live image, she would be standing just as still, just as unmoving. Waiting. For something.

Home Shadow


Personal Symbol

A Blue Rose

Personal Colors


What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

"Aladris - In a Better Place."


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Aladris Created by Dave Hill
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