The Popocelotl Hegemony

A new world nation in Lords of the Earth Campaign Ten


Abstract PuebloWelcome to the home page of the Popocelotl Hegemony, a nation in the fictional world of Lords of the Earth.

Popocelotl is situated in the river valleys of western North America.  Its people are The Smoke Jaguars, a warrior clan related to the Oaxaca. They are inheritors of an epic trek across the mountains and deserts of meso-america, and now exist as a strange blend of Aztec and Hopi.  Now the Smoke Jaguars struggle to recover their ancient glory after surviving the Great Plague brought by white men out of the eastern sea.

Kukulkan, from the steps of the Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan

Popocelotl History

1215 - Xinago leads the Smoke Jaguars out of Tamualipec and into Mogollon.

1225 - The Smoke Jaguars settle into the valleys of Ocel. In concert with the Chumash, they destroy the Hohokam civilization.

The bat-like Aztec god of Rain, Huitzilopochtli (pronounced "witch-la-poach-lee").1230 - The Smoke Jaguars turn on Chumash, fighting battles in Yuma and Salinin.  The Chumash are destroyed.  Jornada joins the Smoke Jaguars.

1240 - Smoke Jaguars renamed the Kingdom of Popocelotl.

1270 - After decades of sloth, King Lecuti expands the capital, Chaco.

1340 - Popocelotl's ally, Chiricaua, declares itself an independent nation. 

The Hopi god of agriculture, Kokopelli.1344 - The Volgars, a white people from across the Great Sea, land in Vinland. 

1350 - Popocelotl takes part in the great expedition to wipe out the Volgars at Cahokia.  The brave Smoke Jaguar warriors were prevented by the greedy Mississippians from taking any of the Volgars' horses.

1365 - Popocelotl buys horses from the Hopewell

1385 - The port city of Tuzigot is founded in Karankawa.  Popocelotl trades with the Gulf nations for the first time.

Spanish text showing Aztec Jaguar warrior with prisoner.1416 - The Volgars return in force to Vinland.  The Great Plague spreads across the land.

1420 - Accinahuacatzin and Axolicl cross the Sierra Nevada to plunder Serrano.  However, the army never returns home.  The Great Plague spread across Karankawa.  Trade cut off with Gulf nations.

1420 - 1464 - Millions of the Smoke Jaguars succumb to the Great Plague.

1484 -  The old chief Yergarc dies, and the supporters of his two sons, Yelone and Uictolio, wage the Smoke Jaguar War.  General Quatalmunta, supporter of Uictolio, won the war and became the king's regent.

1496 - New Popocelotl capital of Phoenix is established.  "What the hell is a Phoenix?" wondered the Smoke Jaguars.

Spruce Canyon Pueblo1512 - The Smoke Jaguars seize Yuma from the Nydania invaders.

1516 - Uictolio's flirtation with Roman Catholicism causes revolts in Yuma and Mescalero.

1537 - King Geronimo uses fire and sword to convert the Jornadans to the mesoamerind faith.

1549 - First port built on the Sea of Moctezuma.

Aztec statue of an Eagle Warrior.1552 - King Huaptl dies young.  His heir, Mzantos the Freezing River, faces two lieutenants in revolt.  His loyal retainer Redwing assassinates Sabeno, while Mzantos defeats Badgerclaws in single combat.  Salinin, Yaqui, Hohokam, and Opata in open revolt. 

1558 - The Smoke Jaguars are under new leadership (Scott Nolan becomes the player) and the nation's name becomes The Popocelotl Hegemony.

1561 - Mzantos increases the power of the government and tightens his hold on his remaining regions.



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