Light Pollution Issues
in New Jersey

Light Pollution, what it is, and what you can do about it.

New Jersey Light Pollution Study Commission's Report

Light Pollution: Everyone's Problem A UACNJ report by Gordon Bond.

Example letters you can send to help fight the light pollution problem in New Jersey.

Light Pollution: The Neglected Problem An article by John Batinsey, member of the Eatontown, New Jersey, Environmental Commission, summarizing the aspects of LP (A version of this article appeared with the same title in the Winter 1994 issue of ANJEC Report, the journal of the New Jersey Environmental Commissioners.)

State Commission Reports on Light Pollution An update report by John Batinsey encouraging contacting the Governor's Office concerning the results of the commission, local and state action, as well as a few notes on the New Jersey Highway Authority installing cutoff lighting.

Fred Schaaf's Light-Pollution Notes Fred Schaaf's articles on Light Pollution adapted from Sky & Telescope Magazine. Topic included are: "Growth of the IDA", "Comet-Tail Photometers", "Learn Those Acronyms", "Ad Sign Lighting", "Decorative Lights", "1995's Good News", "What Not To Do", "Lighting for Visibility", "The Reply to More Lights!", "No Sky Tonight", "Down with Mercury Vapor", "Defining the Parts", "Many Ways to Act", "Getting Organized", "International Progress", "Naming the Beast", "The Near Sky: Sulfate Haze", "The Role of Air Pollution", "A Year of Awakening", "A Many-Pronged Approach", "Join the IDA!", "State Legislative News", "The New Light,Threat" "State Laws for Dark Skies", and "Light Pollution: A Winning Strategy".

International DarkSky Association (IDA) Need further information on dealing with Light Pollution in your neighborhood? Check out the Information Sheets on IDS's Web-site.

Maybe by the time Halleys
Comet returns, we can
make the evening sky go
from this ...
... to THIS.
Conserving energy, and
preserving a dark sky through
which to see the stars.

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