Bright Star Spectra Index
The following Bright Star Spectra Index catalog is a compilation of information from several astronomy resources as well as from some college notes. I have been working on it, on and off, for quite a while. However, due to the lack of free time, I have not been able to do it justice. Over the last few months I have had a few emails requesting the catalogue, so I am placing a draft copy on the FAAS site for review. I hope it will be found to be a useful resource.

Please note that I am aware that some of the Class Temperatures have not yet been defined, and that some of the stars without names do not yet have HD designations. Should you find any other discrepancies, or if you have any questions or comments, please email me.

Printing Notes: Each page of the index is a separate HTML page. They open in their own window apart from the FAAS frames format. For best printing results you may wish to remove from Page Setup the Document location, Page number, Page total and Date printed, attributes leaving only the Document title. - BDM

  1. Type O Class 0-9.5
  2. Type B Class 0-1
  3. Type B Class 1.5-2.5
  4. Type B Class 3-7
  5. Type B Class 8-9.5
  6. Type A Class 0
  7. Type A Class 1-2
  8. Type A Class 3-9
  1. Type F Class 0-2
  2. Type F Class 3-9 & Var
  3. Type G Class 0-6
  4. Type G Class 7-9
  5. Type K Class 0-1
  6. Type K Class 2-9
  7. Type M Class 0-5
  8. Type M Class 6-10 & Var