AstroSpectroscopy Overviews
Following are educational internet resources that discuss the general theories, physics and other aspects dealing with astronomical spectroscopy. They may be of varying technical level, but are usually from novice to medium expertise to best help those who are just learning about this fascinating study of astrospectroscopy.

Astronomical Spectroscopy
by Mike Guidry - - Univ. of Tennessee

Astronomical Spectroscopy - Includes: What is a spectrum? - What does a spectrum tell us? - Astronomical velocities and spectra - The sky at different wavelengths - Galaxies at different wavelengths

The University of Arizona Alumni Association Astronomy Camp
by Craig Kulesa - - Arizona State University

What is Spectroscopy? - An introduction to spectroscopy

Tools of Spectroscopy - How does a spectrometer work?

Spectroscopy in Astronomy - What can we learn using spectroscopy?

Spectroscopy at Astronomy Camp! - Spectra taken at Astronomy Camp

The Michigan Spectral Catalogue Project
by Dr. Nancy Houk - - University of Michigan

MSCP Welcome Page - Includes links to information pages on: The Michigan Survey and the Continuing Importance of Spectral Surveys; An introduction to the project; A brief history of MSCP; Project staff contacts; "HR Diagrams from the Michigan Spectral Catalogues"; Poster paper photos "Galactic Distributions" and "A Photographic Atlas of Spectra with a Diffuse Interstellar Feature at lamda-4430"; and, an order form for the Michigan Spectral Catalogue Volumes (including two atlases of objective prism stellar spectra).

Information Leaflets
by the Royal Greenwich Observatory

Astronomical Spectroscopy (general) - A general overview of spectroscopy, spectroscopes and the information they can tell us about astronomical objects

Stars and Stellar Evolution - The birth, life and death of stars

The 25 Brightest Stars - A list of stars with spectral notes and comments

The 30 closest stars - A list of stars with spectral notes and comments

Further Resources

Overview of Stellar Types - The Electronic Universe Project

Comparing Stellar Spectra - Dave Johnson, Douglas High School

What is a spectrum? - High-Energy Astrophysics Learning Center

The Spectral Types of Stars - by Alan MacRobert - Sky & Telescope Magazine