This website is dedicated to amateur astronomers interested in the science of spectroscopy -- for those who wish to go beyond the visual imagry of observation and photography. FAAS is designed to be an educational tool, and an internet forum for observers wishing to learn about the make-up and physical characteristics of stars, nebulae and galaxies first-hand. FAAS is for the inquisitive amateur who wishes to take that one crucial step beyond 19th century viewing and leap into the 21st century to perform their own spectral data collection and analysis.

This site has information for the beginner, intermediate and advanced level amateur astrospectroscopist, as well as those having varying budgets. It has links to a variety of educational resources for those interested in learning about the history and physics of the science, at an understandable level, as well as to sites owned by amateurs who are already doing their own observations. FAAS is the only web-site specifically devoted to amateur AstroSpectroscopy. We hope you find it interesting, informative and fun.

wpo - a simple stellar spectrograph by Maurice Gavin
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