The Problem

    If you're not careful when you install your tower, you may have a situation where the steel leg of a tower or guy anchor will eventually rust at/near the location where the steel meets the poured concrete base. There are several causes of this:

  • Standing water on the concrete base causes the leg to rust.
  • Leaves/dirt/etc build up on tower leg and hold moisture against the tower leg, rusting it.
  • Solving the problem during the installation

    Standing water may be prevented if, immediately after the pour, the concrete is sloped away from the legs and the edges of the concrete are beveled to promote water flow off of concrete.

    By extending the concrete base 4 to 6 inches above the ground, leaves/dirt will not build up on the concrete.

    Repairing Rusty Steel Legs

    NOTE: The following procedure assumes that the rusty tower legs have enough "good" steel remaining to support the original structure.

    There are seven steps involved in repairing rusty tower legs in concrete. This procedure has been used successfully on one of the towers at N3RR and at a tower at W3LPL:

    [Before proceeding from one step to the next, ensure that each step is fully-completed per the instructions below and per any instructions on the product(s) used.]

    1. Excavate the concrete around the leg to expose "good" steel. "Good" steel is shiny. In some cases, the rust may be several inches down into the concrete requiring a concrete chisel and some hard work.

    2. Sandblast the steel leg to expose the "good" steel and remove *any* remaining visible rust.

    3. On the sandblasted exposed steel, paint-on Rustoleum "Rust Reformer".

    4. Spray 2 coats Brite Zinc Cold Galvanizing Compound.

    5. Paint 2 coats Rustoleum "Gutter Shield".

    6. Paint 2 coats Rustoleum "Stops Rust" oil-base enamel paint (color choice).

    7. Caulk-on GE Silicone II Concrete & Masonry Sealant.

    The products mentioned are shown here, except for Rustoleum "Rust Reformer". Rustoleum Rust Reformer is sold in various sizes and may be brushed onto the rusty areas of steel. Brite Zinc is a product of Brite Products.

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