Bill Hider's Ham Radio History

Calls held: WV2ZRG, WA2ZRG, WA3RRE, N3RR, N3RR/VS6

NOVICE (WV2ZRG) in January 1962
TECHNICIAN (WA2ZRG) in March 1962
FCC rules allowed both calls, simultaneously.

GENERAL in August 1962
ADVANCED in 1968
EXTRA in 1971

My Hamshack, summer, 1963

[Can you find the Heathkit VF-1, GE HAM NEWS, Hallicrafters S-108, homebrew XMTR (5-Band, 6146 final), homebrew keyer paddle, and 16 year-old op?]

In USAF, 1967, at Keesler AFB, MS

Keesler AFB Ham Club K5TYP

New callsign - February, 1977

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