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SO2R Station Photos & Details

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Hi! I'm Bill Hider, N3RR. I live in Rockville, Maryland with my wife, Barbara, and our two cats, Charlie and Jack.

My goal for this site is to provide information to the Amateur Radio community that hams will be able to incorporate into their own station installations. My primary interest in Amateur Radio is contesting. This site will concentrate on the setup, installation and engineering of a contest-oriented Amateur Radio station.

Now, take a look at my Ham Radio history.

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Here's a CQ Magazine cover photo of me after just coming down from the 134 footer:

N3RR at work

For more info about the photo, click here: N3RR

And here's a view of the QTH from 1300 ft!


Here's another perspective from 1300 ft:


Here's a sequence from the ground:

[Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger photo]

======= Zoom in this way =======>

The 134 ft tower is now full:

The HiGain HG-52SS (52 foot crankup) now has:

5 ELE 10M @ 52 ft and 5 ELE 15M @ 65ft

Ever have birds land on your tower/antennas/guy wires? Here's a photo taken 10 minutes before ARRL SS CW 1997:

 Blackbirds galore.  Click for 600 x 425 image Birds all over
(600 x 425 8KBytes)

Here are some closeups of installed TIC ringrotors:

40M and 20M ringrotors. Click for 600 x 913 image

40/20M rings

(600 x 913 32 KBytes)
(1200 x 1826 88 KBytes)
Ringrotor mounted on Heavyduty AB-105 tower. Click for 600 x 497 image

HD AB-105 installation

(600 x 497 23 KBytes)
(1515 x 1255 81 KBytes)


Throughout my career, I have taken a systems engineering approach to technical challenges. My amateur station is no different. As I looked at my goals for my new "outdoor interface" to the rest of the world, I determined that I needed to look at all aspects of the situation if I were to obtain the most "bang for the buck" given the limited resources available to me.

That meant reducing the situation from: "I need/want a new antenna/tower system." to a statement of goals and objectives. I then reduced that statement to a requirements analysis for each of the subsystems associated with the "new antenna system".

That produced the following list of subsystems that needed to be addressed before I was able to proceed with the design, procurement and installation of any of them:

As you can see, there is much to consider when you are contemplating a new tower/antenna system installation. Then, 16 years later, upgrading your operating position/desk, adding new equipment and implementing SO2R. The detailed links above show you the approaches I took, the design details I generated, along with anecdotes, costs, and results.

I will incrementally add to this text (and provide photos/graphics along the way), so that this website may be a reference site for hams when they contemplate any part or all of what I experienced.

More soon...

Very 73!

de Bill, N3RR

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