The State of Deseret

Sitting on top of the principle path connecting east and west, Deseret can either grow prosperous off the trade that converges from all corners of the continent, or it can suffer at the hands of the conquerors that also converge from all corners of the continent. At the moment, the State of Deseret is riding a high tide. It has reduced the nomads of Wyoming to vassalage, and has wrested most of the Snake River valley from the District of Columbia.

Two hundred and twenty years ago, Deseret wasn't so lucky when the nomadic Yaeger clan poured out of Wyoming and pillaged Salt Lake City. After burning the Temple, the Yaegers settled in to enjoy the fruits of their conquest, slowly consolidating a territory which ran north to Pocatello and south to Provo. The Mormons managed a stubborn fighting retreat over the next twenty years until they were backed into Boise and had nowhere left to go. Then the Buddhists attacked from the other side, and it was all over.

With the eradication of Deseret, the Mormon religion became little more than an odd eccentricity practiced by the shepherds in the western desert. Their cousins in the Yaeger lands were either martyred, converted to New Israelite or chased to the camps of the shepherds. There in the wilderness, they recited tales of the glorious days of the empire and licked their wounds. A couple of premature attacks by the Mormons out of the desert were bloodily beaten back, and a series of punitive raids by the Yaegers taught them that their time of resurgence was still a long way off.

Then after eighty years, a new buildup of nomads in Wyoming came crashing down on the Yaegers, destroying their main battle force and capturing the Yaeger chief for death by torture. In the resulting confusion, the Mormons had their chance. They attacked out of the desert and siezed Salt Lake City, slaughtering all the male inhabitants and purifying the old temple grounds. The Mormon army, toughened by generations in the desert, managed to hold back the invaders from Wyoming and then began the task of reclaiming their former empire.


  • System of Government: Hydraulic Empire
    • Head of State: President, elected by and from the elders of the ruling Reid family.
  • Population: 900,000
  • Religion: Mormon
    • Totemic symbol: Beehive
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