War in Afghanistan

Soviet Phase: 1979-1989

Political Situation:

map of Afghanistan in 1987

Color Group Leader Supporters Orientation Fighting Quality
People's Democratic Party of Aghanistan USSR Communist
Jamiat-i-Islam Barhannudin Rabbani Uzbeks, Turkomens Fundamentalist "the best fighters" (Laffin)
Hezb-i-Islam (Islamic Party) Younis Khalis Pathans Fundamentalist 2nd best
Hezb-i-Islam Gulbuddin Heckmatyar Fundamentalist 3rd best
Mohaz Milli Islami (National Islamic Front of Afghanistan) Pir Sayid Ahmad Gailani Pushtu pro-Royalist, pro-Western
Harakat-i-Inqilib-i-Islami (Islamic Revolutionary Party) Mohammed Nabi Mohammedi Pathans Traditionalist, village-based
Jabhe Mille Nejad (National Rescue Front) Sigbatullah Mojadedi Sufis Monarchist
Shia Muslims "much talk but little action"
other groups mixed
Sparsely populated or in dispute

Military Situation

Contemporary Context:

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