R-392 suggested modifications

This page last revised on March 24, 1999.

OK, you've gotten this far; apparently you are not totally adverse to modifying this radio.

So far, the only revision which I've made to my own R-392 has been to replace the tube shields with IERC-type shields. This should serve to dissipate the tube heat a bit better, and extend tube life somewhat.

Here's a list of additional suggested mods. I have not yet performed any of these mods on my own R-392, but they are all "in the works" (I can hear you saying "Yeah, right..."). As I complete each mod I will modify this page to so indicate (and to discuss the results). Note that the main thrust of these mods is to reduce the internal heat load (about 64 watts for filaments alone, with a 26.5 volt supply!)

If all these mods are implemented, they should serve to reduce the internal heat load by almost half. This would probably increase the lifespan of many of the internal components.

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