This tabulation relates only to "major" revisions in content. Changes in style, corrections of typo/HTML errors, link repairs, bug fixes, minor revisions, etc. are not generally indicated here.

May 21, 2000. Added amateur radio testing tutor software.

March 31, 2000. Added info re Wordperfect 8.0 install.

Dec 10, 1999. Added details of 26D6 tube sales.

Sept 9,1999. Added correspondence re: solid state mods to R392.

June 1, 1999. Added code for matrix inversion template.

May 23, 1999. Added hidden hit counters.

May 4, 1999. Expanded details in resumé.

April 27, 1999. Added Smart House GUI demo.

March 18, 1999. Site now online; dead links eliminated; bare skeleton functional.

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