Fly-thru screen dump
Screen dump of fly-thru

I wrote Fly-thru as a program which runs under Linux with the Mesa (Open GL look-alike) "C" language API. This program provides for the generation of random 3-dimensional artificial terrain, and provides the user with a simulation of a view of the terrain while flying an aircraft. (I developed this program as part of a class project while attending George Mason University.) While the program is running, the user can speed up or slow down the aircraft's speed, change altitude, and change directions. The source code provides compilation instructions and program usage instructions; you will need X-Windows up and running on your computer in order to get this program to run. This program is fun to check out, but don't expect a polished simulator. I estimate the observed window update rates, running on a Pentium with a 400 x 300 window, are about 6 or 8 frames/sec for a 120 Mhz Pentium; 15 frames/sec for a 233 Mhz Pentium. The downloadable file is a tarred and gzipped file with compilation instructions included.

(fp.tar.gz; 21 Kb)

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