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Stemmed PointIN3-1/4 inches long.  Asymmetrical but fine edge work.  Stack on back. 


Item:  RD-9

Price:  $30  Sale: $25

Adena.  IL.  4-1/16 inches long.  Burlington.  Nicks on one blade edge.  Nice size.


Item:  YD-4

Price:  $115  Sale: $100


North BladeIllinois3-13/16 inches long.  Burlington.  The “ding” in the left blade edge is a spoke shave


Item:  RD-101

Price:  $135

Copena ClassicTennessee3-7/16 inches long.  Dover.  Jerry Dickey COA.  Nice example.  Great needle tip.  Slight bow to the point.


Item:  RD-134