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RESIDENCE - Papack (Peapack), Somerset County (Janeway-2)
OCCUPATION - unknown
LAND OWNERSHIP - either leased or owned land in Somerset County (proprietors-8)
w. _______ (proprietors-8,p381)
proof of linkage of children to parents - (Will-3) & (Janeway-2)

h. EXEKIEL BLOOMFIELD (will-3); also (www.public.asu.edu/ as summarized at 'Allied Families', not recopied here)
b. 16 Oct 1723 Woodbridge, NJ (www.public.asu.edu/ as summarized at 'Allied Families', not recopied here)
d. 1757 Woodbridge, NJ (www.public.asu.edu/ as summarized at 'Allied Families', not recopied here)
child - REUBEN BLOOMFIELD (will-3 and www.public.asu.edu/)
Reuben underage in 1757 (will-3)
Reuben said to be father of Skinner Bloomfield (exhibits-13 to 15h) who married Elizabeth Edgar or Elizabeth Stiles (exhibit-13). No proof of Skinner Bloomfield's ancestry other than that he apparently named a son Reuben.

According to Proprietor Meeting Records, Wright Skinner had a wife and NUMEROUS CHILDREN (proprietors-8,p381)


1715 - Served in the Third Company, Woodbridge Militia regiment, under the command of Thomas Ffarmar, along with Richard Skinner, Jr., an unknown Skinner who was likely his brother, and with John Skinner, Jr., likely his cousin. (Monnette-1)

June 4?, 1726 - Wright Skiner witnessed deed of John Alston, of Woodbridge (EJ_ K:37 - probably meaing liber K, page 37). This is per a bound volume of the notes of Charles Carroll Gardner, Rutgers University. I have not seen the original Deed or Deed summary. I believe the historical references to the Alston family is a corruption of Elstone, family friend and neighbor to the Woodbridge Skinners.

1725 - Mentioned in Will of John Skinner, Jr., as owing money to John's estate L4. (will-3) This is the same John Skinner, Jr. he served with in Col. Ffarmar's regiment in 1715. This confirms Wright Skinner's connection to the Woodbridge Skinners.

1726 - Witnessed deed of John Alston of Woodbridge (CCG-4a)

1733 - Mentioned in the Will of Samuel Martin as having given Martin a bond. (will-3)

1737-1745 - Appears in the Account Books of Jacob Janeway, storekeeper, near what is now Bound Brood, Somerset Co., as did Cornelius Sr. and Nathaniel, Sr. He lived at Papack, near William Roberts and in the general vicinity of Benjamin Manning and Nathaniel Skinner. He received deliveries from the storekeeper in the years 1737-1745. (Janeway-2)

1737-1745 - Two entries from (Janeway-2) indicate that Wright was brother-in-law of Jonathan Wright. Jonathan also appears in exhibits 4 (p738), 11 and 12.

1738 - In the Western edges of the original Elizabeth Town purchase, the proprietors brought actions of trespass and ejectment against Benjamin Manning and Wright Skinner, who had apparently taken land leases in Somerset from the Town Committee, leases which conflicted with the approved claims of Major Daniel Axtell, deceased. This land dispute was likely part of the large-scale land problems resulting from Philip Carteret and later proprietors assigning land ownership differently than did James Nichols, who was given control of New Jersey during the brief time Carteret was on ship on his way to America. The widow of Major Daniel Axtells, remarried William Goulbourn, and in 1738, with the support of the Proprietors, brought action against Manning and Skinner. In 1744, the Proprietor's, per their meeting minutes, discussed the costs of recovering money spent in the suit of Goulbourn vs. Manning and Skinner. (Hatfield-5, Smrst-7, proprietors-8). The land was evidently his Papack residence (CCG-7a), the same locale where he received deliveries from Janeway.

1744 - Wright was said to have a family of young children. (proprietors -8)

January 9, 1757 - Wright Skinner is mentioned as executor and father-in-law in the Will of Ezekial Bloomfield. The Will mentions Ezekial's wife as being Elizabeth, presumably then the daughter of Wright Skinner. (will-3)

The name Wright Skinner disappears from New Jersey, but appears again with the birth of a Wright Skinner in October 5, 1763 at Clinton, Dutches Co., New York with subsequent descendants. Also appearing there in the late 1700's are a Matthew Skinner and a William Skinner (DSW-9). No known relationship to the NJ Skinners. 


I presume Wright Skinner to be the son of Deacon Richard Skinner, by virtue of his first name (reference Family Record of Deacon Richard Skinner).

Wright Skinner's general connection to the Woodbridge Skinners is proven by his mention in the Will of his presumed cousin John Skinner, Jr., and the fact that he served in Ffarmer's 1715 regiment with John Jr. and presumed brother Richard, Jr. I would guess Wright was born in the 1690's, when his presumed father, the Deacon (born 1664 or 1665), would have been in his late twenties or early thirties.

Wright Skinner had a daughter Elizabeth, who married Ezekial Bloomfield, per Bloomfield's Will. This Ezekial would likely be a nephew of Ezekial and Esther Bloomfield who Witnessed the 1725 Will of John Skinner Sr. of Woodbridge. Reference the geneaology of the Bloomfield family (Allied Families).

While the second-generation Skinners - the Deacon and John, Sr., appear to have been fairly well off in terms of having land ownership, Wright Skinner and brother John, Jr., appear to have been less well off. Wright Skinner was recorded as owing money to Samuel Martin in 1733 and to cousin John Jr. in 1751. Following hsi land eviction problems in Somerset County in the late 1730's and 1740's, Wright and his family disappear from New Jersey records altogether. A Wright Skinner, ancestry unknown, later appears in Dutchess Col, NY in the 1760's.

The account books of storekeeper Jacob Janeway mention three Somerset County Skinners - Nathaniel, Cornelius and Wright. Cornelius lived in Lamerton, near John McCarter. Wright lived in Papack, near William Roberts, Benjamin Manning, Yellous Johnson and Nathaniel Skinner.

The storekeeper indicated that both Nathaniel and Cornelius were brothers-in-law to Benjamin Manning. This would indicate that Nathaniel and Cornelius were brothers.

The storekeeper never mentions any relationship between Wright Skinner and the two brothers - Cornelius and Nathaniel. There is one entry in which Cornelius and Wright Skinner are both mentioned. In that entry, the storekeeper mentioned that Cornelius was brother-in-law to Ben Manning, but goes on to mention Wright Skinner without indicating any relationship to others. Thus, I doubt Wright was a brother to Cornelius and Nathaniel.

The relatively young age of Nathaniel - he was born in 1705 or 1706, makes him somewhat young to have been a child of the Deacon (born 1664). Wright Skinner, having served in Thomas Ffarmer's 1715 regiment, would have been half a generation older.

One Janeway account entry appears to indicate that Wright had a son, John, although it is more likely that John was a son of the first person mentioned in that exhibit. Per (exhibit-8), Wright Skinner had a large family of many young children in the 1740's.

The Skinner and Wright families are linked in three successive generations:

Jonathan Wright appears here in exhibits 2, 4, 11 & 12.



Investigate the genealogy of Jonathan Wright.
Locate the 1726 deed record witnessed by Wright.



Exhibit 1 - List of Militia Regiments, under command of Col. Thos. Ffarmar in 1715, NJ, per Monnette, pp114-115,413-414, 10/24/1995/KDS:

Third Company, Woodbridge - Richard Skinner, Jr., Wright Skinner, John Skinner, Jr.; also John Moore, Captain, Matthew Force, Ezekial Bloomfield, William Allston, Peter Allston, Jr., Samuel Moore, William Crichfield

Fourth Company, Piscataway - Joseph, James, and John Manning, Jonathan, Joseph, Alza, Samuel, David, and Ffran Drake

pp413-414 - Matthew Moore should be included in 4th Co.; Alza Drake should be Abra or Abraham Drake.

KDS note - Monnette reported on this document twice in his series. On pp114-115, he copied from a listing of Ffamer's troops from a document on file at the Office of the State Historian, New York, a document which had been transcribed from the original source material. On pp413-414, due to his concern about transcribing errors and the correct spelling of family names, he presented the list again based upon a review of a photograph of the original source material,. In both cases, Richard Skinner's name includes the suffix 'Jr.', a suffix one might ordinarily question since there was no known Richard Skinner Jr. alive at that time.

Exhibit 2 - "The Janeway Account Books", The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, Vols. 33-35, 10/9/1995/KDS:

[KDS note - look carefully at the postions of the semicolons!]

Jacob Janeway, store keeper in East Jersey. Store probably located in what is now Bound Brook, Somerset Co., a cross-roads:

"Jonson, Yellous (Yales, Yelloes) Nov. 1735 to May 1741 - of papack; d(elivered) Wm. Jones; d(elivered) to Wright Skinner; account paid by son John in 1745." Vol. 34, p48.

"Roberts (Robbards) William, Aug. 1736 to Oct. 1743, brother (-in-law) to Benjamin Maning; of Papack, Wright Skinner nr; d(elivered) John Daly, John Dennis, Benjamin Manning, Nathaniel & Wright Skinner; his wife, Aug. 1739." Vol. 34, p84.

"Skinner, Cornelius, June 1737 to Jan. 1739 of Lamerton, brother-in-law to Benjamin Maning; d(elivered) to John McCarter, Rite Skinner; d(elivered) to John Conger; his wife, July 1737." Vol. 34, p84.

"Skinner, Nathaniel, June 1737 - Oct. 1745 brother-in-law to Benjamin Maning; d(elivered) Yellous Johnson." Vol. 34, p84.

"Skinner, Wright (Rite), Aug. 1737 - Dec. 1738, nr Wm Roberts of Papack, brother-in-law to Jonathan Wright; d(elivered) Yellous Johnson, Benjamin Maning." Vol. 35, p42.

"McCarter (McCarty), John, June 1737 - Sep. 1742, nr Cornelius Skinner; d(elivered) to Cornelius Skinner, who also bought for him." Vol. ?, p76.

"Wright, Jonathan, Nov. 1738 - Nov. 1743, brother-in-law to Wright Skinner; paid by John Compton." Vol?, p96.

"Conger (Congar, Congrave, Congrove, Congrive, Congrone), John, Feb. 1741 - June 1746, at Papack, Dirrick Williams nr; "to stay another year," 5 July 1743; d(elivered) Jno Johnson, Cornelius Skinner, John Van Cleif, Dirrick Williams; paid Silus Inyard; his wife, Oct. 1742, Aug. 1743." Vol. ?, p75.

Exhibit 3 - Will Abstracts

"1733, May 20. Martin, Samuel, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Executors - wife, Sarah, and sons Thomas and Samuel, they being sole legatees. Real and personal estate. Bond from Wright Skinner. Witnesses - Anne Martin, David Ayers, Jno. Sarjant. Proved June 12, 1740. John Sarjent, one of the witnesses, deceased at time of proving.
1740, June 12. Sarah and Samuel Martin qualified as executors, the other executor being deceased. Lib. C, p340." per "Abstracts of Wills, 1730-1750", NJ Archives, Vol XXX, p324, 9/15/1995/KDS.

"1748-9, Feb. 14. Skinner, John, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Elizabeth. Youngest child, Elizabeth, at 15 years, "that will be the space of 12 years and 3 months," Four daughters, now living, all under age. Expected child. Executors - friend, David Donham, Jr., brother Richard Skinner, and wife's brother, William Cutter. Witnesses - William Brown, Ebenezer Gray, Andrew Gray. Proved March 9, 148-9. Lib. E, p264.
1748-9, March 10. Inventory (after the widow has taken her legacy of L100), L312.026; made by Samuel Moore and Henry Baker of the borough of Elizabeth.
1751, July 29. Additional cash, l7.19.6 (L4 being in the hands of Wright Skinner). Sworn to by David Donham, Richard Skinner, William Cutter." per "Abstracts of Wills, 1730-1750", NJ Archives, Vol XXX, p435, 9/14/1995/KDS.
same per "NJ Index Of Wills 2207-2210 L Book E. p264 - W. 1749", per notes of DSW/VEM

"1757, Janr. 9. Bloomfield, Ezekiel, of Woodbridge Township, Middlesex Co., gent.; will of. Wife, Elizabeth; son, Ruben, under age. Real and personal estate. Executors - father-in-law, Wright Skinner, and brother , Jonathan Brooks. [KDS note - brother-in-law] Witnesses - Jonathan Brooks, Hannah Brooks [KDS note - sister to Ezekial], Mary Rinds and Daniel Price. Proved Jan. 21, 1758. Lib. F, p486."
per "Abstracts of Wills, 1751-1760", NJ Archives, Vol XXXII, p33, 1/12/1996/KDS.

"1725, July 12. Skinner, John, Sen'r, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Children - Catte (sic), John, Daniel, Richard, Benjamin, Ann, and Mary, last five under age. Land at Woodbridge. Executors - wife, Ann, and son John Skinner. Witnesses - Ezekiel Bloomfield, Esther Bloomfield, William Hidor. Proved Aug 19, 1749. (Affidavit by William Hidor, only surviving witness to above will). Lib. E, p. 320."
per "Abstracts of Wills, 1730-1750", NJ Archives, Vol. XXX, First Series, 1918, p435, 9/14/1995/KDS.

[KDS note - Wright Skinner was a father-in-law to Ezekial Bloomfield, nephew of the above Ezekial and Esther Bloomfield.]

Exhibit 3a - Collection of Charles Carrol Gardner Collection, Rutgers University:

Exhibit 4 - "First Settlers of Ye Plantations of Piscataway and Woodbridge of Olde East New Jersey", by Ora Eugene Monnette, 10/9/1995/KDS:

p738, Journal of John Reading, Middlesex County:

Exhibit 5 - History of Elizabeth, NJ", Rev. Edwin F. Hatfield, D.D., New York, 1868, p318, 10/7/1995/KDS:

 Exhibit 6 - Hatfield, p318, per notes of DSW/VEM:

"Richard Skinner had a son - Wright Skinner."

[KDS note - p318, above, makes no mention of a Wright Skinner/Richard Skinner relationship. This is a carry-over of confusion caused by Monnette's speculation.]

Exhibit 7 - "Somerset County Historical Quarterly", Vol VII, 1918, p24, 10/25/1995/KDS:

Exhibit 7a - Notes of Charles Carroll Gardner, Bound Volume, Rutgers University, paraphrased by KDS due to numerous abbreviations and poor copy:

Sept 12, 1738. Letter from Peter Scholl to Andrew Johnston, re: claim of Right Ciner (i.e. Wright Skinner] to tract of land on which "Mr. Fraser" lives of which Andrew Johnston had given 300 _ to Lawrence Van Cleve and William _annibels.

Oct 25, 1742. Letter of James Alexander to John Cox Esq. asking that he make motions? in 2 of the East Jersey Prprietors' suits - William Golburn vs. Benjamin Manning and Golburn vs. Wright Skinner Trespass in lands in Somerset Co.

Aug Term, 1744 - William Golburn and wife Mary ___ Jonathan Dayton for L45.3.2 proclamation money recovered in March Term against Wright Skinner in regards to Trespas against them by Wright Skinner at Pepack, Somerset Co. In letter of Dec? 9, 1742 proprietors prepare to bring to trial at next Superior Court in March at P. A. [KDS note - Perth Amboy] case of Golburn and wife against Wright Skinner (NY HSW - James Alexander, Cox, 56)

Exhibit 8 - "The Minutes of the Board of Proprietors of East New Jersey", East Jersey Proprietors, Vol. II of IV, 1960, 10/7/1995/KDS:

p348, 349 - "At a Council of Proprietors held May 24, 1744. Present, the President, Mr. Chief Justice, Mr. Alexander, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Leonard, Mr. Dunstar, Mr. Burnet, Mr. Nevill, Mr. Forman. ... And the sd Alexander further informed the Board that on the 5th instant, he commenced actions of debt for recovering the costs in the following actions, to wit: ... Goulbourn and wife agt the Manucaptors of Wright Skinner, Debt on recognizance; the same agt the Manucaptors of Benjamin Manning, Debt upon Recognizance, ....."

pp368,369 - "At a Council of Proprietors held Sep 6, 1744. Present, the President, Mr. Chief Justice, Mr. Alexander, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Dunstar, Mr. Burnet, Mr. Nevill. ... The committee made report concerning the bill of costs agt. Wright [287] Skinner laid before them by Mr. Alexander, ...in these words:

Mr. Alexander having laid before the committee the taxed bill of costs in Golburn (sic) & wife agt Wright Skinner which was taxed at L45:3:2, acknowledging he had received L45 in full of it & of L3:2:5, the costs of suing Jonathan Dayton his bill; the committee examined the sd bill of costs & added together the articles taxed for moneys expended by the Proprietors in sd suit, and also that part thereof which was taxed for services in Mr. Lyell's life, who was first attorney in the cause & after allowing L3:5:7, acquitted by Mr. Alexander there remained L29:3:2, which Mr. Alexander acknowledged himself to be Dr. [KDS note- 'Dr.' means the debit side of the balance sheet.] to the proprietors for. ... Mr. Alexander thus;

Dr. Proprietors to Ja: Alexander



By Skinner Bill Before [KDS - sic]

pp381,382 [KDS - date?] - "And the sd Alexander further informed this Board that Jonathan Dayton Bail of Wright Skinner was returned in custody and drew the costs amounting to L3:2:5. That on Mr. Smith's intercession and in commiseration of Mr. Skinner whom Dayton averred he had and could have delivered up, but his numerous family of small children and wife would not permit him, sd Alexander accepted of L45 procl; for the whole, whereof L7:10 was paid sd Alexander and bond given for L37:10."

 Exhibit 9- Notes of DSW in the files of VEM:

WRIGHT SKINNER - b. Oct 5, 1763 Clinton, Duchess Co., NY; d. Dec 18, 1830

married, probably a short time previous to 1790, Hannah Ten Eyck, born June 27, 1773.



In the first federal census of New York state, taken in 1790, there were three Skinner households listed in Clinton, Dutchess Co., New York. One of them was -

Wright Skinner emigrated from Vernon, Albany County New York in 1820 to Camden, Oneida County, New York. He served in the War of 1812-4. After the war his two oldest sons came. (Pioneer History of Camden, NY, 1897)


The other two Skinners appearing in the first federal census of New York State in Clinton, Dutchess Co.:


DSW makes reference to genealogist "Fernald Notes" for the following:

The following census records pertain to one man, who he is is not known - but he lived in the general vicinity where Wright Skinner settled."


This is a census record, only, I cannot seem to find any further information on this man. I place him here because he came from the same vicinity as Wright Skinner.


DSW makes reference to the "COX Genealogy" for the following:


[KDS note - see the notes of VEM for some odds and ends of information about later Skinners appearing in this NY area in the 1800's.]

Exhibit 10 - "The Heritage", Thomas Weber, 1967, 3/26/98/KDS:

pp26-27 - "The decade of the 1780's brought the first important steps in the separation of the "upper congregation" from Woodbridge. On June 2, 1784 the first recorded meeting of the Metuchen congregation was held. Benjamin Manning was chosen clerk of the congregation, a post to which he was reelected each year until 1800. George Kelley, Ephraim Morris and Thomas Manning were designated collectors of pew rent, .....

A second important meeting of the congregation occurred on April 5 1787 when seven trustees were chosen to transact the temporal concerns of the church. The seven were Benjamin Manning, John Conger, John Ross, Ebenezer Ford, Ellis Ayres, Timothy Bloomfield and Robert Ross. A their first meeting on October 6, 1787, the Trustees, pursuant to an Act of the New Jersey State Legislature in 1786 authorizing the incorporation of religious bodies, took the name of the Second Presbyterian Church of Woodbridge, which remained its official name for the next 70 years. Benjamin Manning was elected president, and served in that capacity until 1799. .....

On March 1, 1792 the congregation voted to enlarge the meeting house by twenty feet. The Trustees ordered James Manning to fence the burial ground with white oak posts and chestnut or cedar rails. .....

Meanwhile in October, the Trustees appointed Doctor Melanthon Freeman and Benjamin Manning to attend Presbytery to oppose the .....

Exhibit 11 - "First Settlers of Ye Plantations of Piscataway and Woodbridge of Olde East New Jersey", by Ora Eugene Monnette, 10/9/1995/KDS:

Exhibit 12 - "Notices from New Jersey Newspapers, 1781-1790", Thomas B. Wilson, 1988, Trenton State Library archives, 1/5/1996/KDS:


Exhibit 13 - Skinner Bloomfield per www.cybercomm.net/~freddie/gene-6.html, 2002:

Genealogy and More
Archived Queries, Page One

BLOOMFIELD 3/98 [KDS note - query date]
[by] Kenneth Bloomfield

Skinner Bloomfield b abt 1779 Woodbridge NJ d 1854 Marrow Co. Oh. Married Elizabeth Stiles. I am looking for his father and mother but have hit a dead end, please let me know if you know of this name."

Exhibit 14 - Marion Co., OH Deeds, per www.heritagepursuit.com/Marion/deedind.htm, 2002:

Marion County, Ohio Deeds - Volume 5 (1832-1833)
Extracted by Jane Peppler (Jane)
Those that use these files should thank Jane for a job well done.




239 / James Bloomfield and Margaret Bloomfield / Skinner Bloomfield / 8/07/1832 / Richard Iiams; John Iiams "

Exhibit 15 - Skinner Bloomfield per genforum.genealogy.com/bloomfield, 2003:

" Re: skinner bloomfield/NJ/MN/OH/NY
Posted by: B Bloomfield Date: September 26, 1998 at 09:46:18
In Reply to: skinner bloomfield/NJ/MN/OH/NY by J. Becker 32 of 592

I have Skinner Listed in 1810 Greenup,Ky.Had 3 children under 10 and 2 adult between 16&26. possible had 5 free slaves. "

Exhibit 15a - Skinner Bloomfield per genforum.genealogy.com/bloomfield, 2003:

" Re: skinner bloomfield/NJ/MN/OH/NY
Posted by: J. Becker Date: November 24, 1998 at 08:23:41
In Reply to: Re: skinner bloomfield/NJ/MN/OH/NY by B Bloomfield 38 of 592

Do you recall where you saw the info re:Skinner Bloomfield being in Greenup KY? I think he was from the NJ Bloomfields but there were Bloomfields in KY. Must be a connection. I'm beginning to think Skinner didn't really exist- I sure can't find his birth records or parents. Also, his wife, listed as Elizabeth Edgar in Noble Co. mar.records for Skinner's son, maybe correct as there were Edgars in the NJ area. Do you remember where you saw his wife's name as Styles/Stiles? A 2nd marriage, maybe? I may try to contact Noble Co. Bloomfields to see if they know about Skinner....this is an enigma! Will let you know if I can come up with anything. Jean "

Exhibit 15b - Skinner Bloomfield per genforum.genealogy.com/bloomfield, 2003:

" Re: skinner bloomfield/NJ/MN/OH/NY
Posted by: darla dalhover Date: May 14, 1999 at 10:47:08
In Reply to: Re: skinner bloomfield/NJ/MN/OH/NY by J. Becker 63 of 592

I bumped into your Skinner Bloomfield message while I was looking for other relatives. I have been researching Bloomfields for many years. My primary search now is for Polly Bloomfield from NY who lived and died in KY.

Anyway, I have several times run into your Skinner Bloomfield...if memory serves me correctly, is on the Greenup Census, along with Polly's son Henry Bloomfield, for 1820. I have seen his name many times in Ky over the years that I have been doing research, and I have a strong suspicion that he may be another son to Polly. I have also put together the Bloomfield families from NY/NJ trying to find a connection. The only thing I can come up with so far is that the Bloomfields there had a friend named SKINNER.

I believe I read somewhere that Joseph Bloomfield, one time governor of NJ, went to school with a guy named Skinner. If you are still looking, let me know, and I'll see what I have that I've saved about Skinner. In the meantime, if you have a Polly or Mary anywhere, please also let me know. Thanks.

Darla Dalhover "

 Exhibit 15c - Skinner Bloomfield per genforum.genealogy.com/bloomfield, 2003:

"Re: skinner bloomfield/NJ/MN/OH/NY
Posted by: Jean Becker Date: May 18, 1999 at 13:55:24
In Reply to: Re: skinner bloomfield/NJ/MN/OH/NY by Ann Johnson 72 of 592

The specific info I need on Skinner is some proof of who his parents were. It is widely thought that he was a son of Rueben Bloomfield, s/o Ezekiel and Eliz. Skinner Bloomfield both of whom died 1757-8.Skinner was b. abt. 1785 in NJ. Who was Skinner's mother and his siblings? Skinner lived in KY, and OH, died in Richland CO. OH in 1854, I think.Many of his children lived in Noble Co. IN and his widow was buried there. Appreciate any responses to this or other Bloomfield inquiries as I need all info I can find for family history. "

Exhibit 15f - Skinner Bloomfield per genforum.genealogy.com/bloomfield, 2003:

Exhibit 15d - Skinner Bloomfield per genforum.genealogy.com/bloomfield, 2003:

" Re: skinner bloomfield/NJ/MN/OH/NY
Posted by: Darla Dalhover Date: May 25, 1999 at 10:42:24
In Reply to: Re: skinner bloomfield/NJ/MN/OH/NY by Jean Becker 76 of 570

I have Skinner B. marr. bond to Elizabeth Edger 12-6-1804 by John James, grdn. of Elizabeth; James Evans and Samuel Harrison, witnesses, and Skinner on Greenup Census 1810. I have never actively persued Skinner, but have been sure that he is somehow related to Polly. For the same reason, I have all of the same info on the NJ/NY Bloomfields, and have the same references to the Skinners and Courtland Skinner. I did not have Skinner B. tied to Reuben from NJ, but that makes it even more interesting. Henry B. had a son named Reuben. I also found a Reuben Bloomfield on the Prebel County, OH, census for 1880, age 70 b. OH, father b. NJ, mother b. NC; wife, Amanda, age 57, b. OH, her parents both born OH, two daughters, Josephine and Emma, both born OH, and sister- in-law, Susan Hopkins, age 84, b. KY. "

Exhibit 15e - Skinner Bloomfield per genforum.genealogy.com/bloomfield, 2003:

" Re: skinner bloomfield/NJ/MN/OH/NY
Posted by: jean becker Date: May 30, 1999 at 15:11:17
In Reply to: Re: skinner bloomfield/NJ/MN/OH/NY by Bob Johnson 79 of 592

I continue to look for info on Skinner. I thought that he may be related to David but thus far, I haven't seen who David's parents were. IF someone has that info, that could link or exclude Skinner as a brother, etc. I too, think there is a link to Henry, and we know that Skinner was born in NJ, but therein lies the mystery. Unless someone can find the marriage of Rueben (there were several Ruebens but I refer to Rueben born 1757) and the offspring, it will be hard to tell what if any link. The Rueben that was thought to be Skinner's father was born 1757 to Ezekiel and Elizabeth Skinner Bloomfield. In all likelihood, Skinner Bloomfield was named after his grandmother, Elizabeth Skinner. If I could even find a sibling of Skinner, I would be ecstatic! See how desperate I am to find this?! "

Exhibit 15 - Skinner Bloomfield per genforum.genealogy.com/bloomfield, 2003:

Exhibit 15f - Skinner Bloomfield per genforum.genealogy.com/bloomfield, 2003:

"Re: skinner bloomfield/NJ/MN/OH/NY
Posted by: Jean Becker Date: June 04, 1999 at 15:18:05
In Reply to: Re: skinner bloomfield/NJ/MN/OH/NY by darla dalhover 84 of 592

Skinner died in Morrow/Richland Co. OH in 1854. He was buried there but his headstone was damaged and the family brought it back to IN to have it repaired and placed beside the grave of his wife Elizabeth Edgar Bloomfield. Just last week-end, I located the grave and headstones in a tiny Kendallville IN cemetery. Her stone was cracked and then patched and Skinner's stone is broken off at the base. I'm going back to take pictures and to see if I can repair the headstone to make it stand. As for Rueben, I just have the copy of the abstract of his father's will. Then I have records of Rueben in Middlesex Co, Woodbridge NJ for tax years 1785-1790. Then he is no longer found in any records that I know of. There are several Ruebens and different spellings of it in KY. One was a bondsman but I'm not sure of his identity. Also, Skinner named one of his sons Rueben, b. abt 1816 or so. Yes, I know the feeling...I have searched for Skinner without any links to anything certain and I have ignored all other lines while working on this. I am pulling my hair out! I could write to Rutgers University to see if the Archives Dept. has anything-I've already tried the marriage/birth record aspect and got nowhere because of the lack of record keeping at the time. Familytree Maker shows Skinner referenced in MN land records1790-1799 on CD 255 but I haven't found that CD yet. As for Polly, Dean Speakman has sent some msgs. about Polly who married Henry Barker and another Polly (Mary) who married John Royster (Rister) in Lewis Co. KY and this Polly apparently has a son she named Skinner so maybe we're on the right track since Skinner was the maiden name of Skinner's grandmother Elizabeth.. He also stated that Skinner, b. 1832 had a brother named Rueben b. 1852. The Skinner I am researching was b. abt. 1785.. I will e-mail you later to give more details on what I have. Thanks for your perserverance! "

Exhibit 15g - Skinner Bloomfield per genforum.genealogy.com/bloomfield, 2003:

Exhibit 15h - Skinner Bloomfield per genforum.genealogy.com/bloomfield, 2003:

Exhibit 16 - Unsourced notes concerning Benjamin Manning from email correspondence with John Stewart:

In 1738 he trespasses on Axtell's lands [Elizabethtown Bill in Chancery--Oliver D. Drake's notes] August Term, 1738, N.J. Superior Court: William Golbourns & wife Mary by Atty Fenwick Lyall sue Benjamin Manning for having on May 1, 1738, entered the closed land of said William & Mary at Pepack & cut 300 trees. Asked for damages.

31 Dec 1741 he is mentioned in NJ Deed F2 123 as having sold property to Edmund Dunham [also in N.J. Archives 30:154]
25 Oct 1742, copy of letter (of James Alexander) to James Cox, Esq., asking to make motions in 2 little proprietors' suits. William Golbouring & wife, Wright Samuel, Benjamin Manning. [KDS NOTE - Should say Golbourn & wife against Wright Skinner & Benjamin Manning.]
09 Dec 1742, letter from James Alexander to David Agdeau, Esq., all Newark, stating that the proprietors propose to bring to trial before next Superior Court in March, at P.A.--Golbourn & wife against Benjamin Manning of Somerset Co., trespass [NY SeSM--Alex'r: box 56] Letter of James Alexander says place of trespass in above action is west of the places where they confessed--judgement in Oct in Alexander [Ibid].
(1744), Aug Term, George II: William Golbourne & wife sue John Craine for £45:3:2. Received by them in March term 16 Geo. II in suit against Benjamin Manning for trespass at Pepack, Somerset Co., NJ--John Crane & Joseph Williams being pureties for Benjamin Manning.
03 May 1745 Benjamin is a tenant on land leased by Daniel Axtell to Wm. Jones [Somerset Qtrly 2:37, Andrew Johnson Journal]