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General Links
Guenther Ossimitz at University of Klagenfurt, Austria
Guenther has over 200 links to the following categories:
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On-line Web Applications

WebSims - from Powersim Corporation.

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Application Descriptions and Models

From Tom Fiddaman at Ventana Systems

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Product Company Price(s) Address & Phone
IThink / Stella HPS,Inc

many plans & discounts

45 Lyme Rd 
Hanover NH 03755 
Extend Imagine That $695 6830 Via Del Oro        
San Jose CA 95119       
Vensim Ventana Systems  $495/1195 

free limited version

149 Waverly St Belmont MA 
Powersim Powersim Corp 

good free demo

12007 Sunrise Valley Dr                
Reston, VA 22091        

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Washington D.C. Area

Booz Allen & Hamilton
Mr. Fred Affeldt, Group Manager

Decision Dynamics
Dr. Lou Alfeld, President

Dr. Imrana Umar

Dr. Martha Miller

Project Performance Corporation
Dr. Rick Shangraw, President

Digital Systems International Corporation
Dr. Yue Guan

Mr. Chris McGoff, President

Dr. Richard Gromadzki


Beer Game - materials for the board game that demonstrates concepts of feedback and delay using an example of a beer supply change.

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Organizations & People

System Dynamics Society

Roberta Spencer - Executive Director University System Dynamics Faculty and Groups: Arizona State University
  Craig Kirkwood

Bergen, University of, Norway

Davidsen, Pal   David Ford   Boston College
  Mathias Ruth   Illinois, University
  Bruce Hannon - environmental issues   London Business School -
  David Lane   John Morecroft   MIT -
  Jay Forrester - the Father of System Dynamics

Ed Roberts

John Sterman - Chair of the System Dynamics Group

Nelson Repenning

SUNY Albany -   David Andersen

George Richardson - focus on Public Policy

John Rohrbaugh

Washington State University
  Andrew Ford focus on Electrical Power Industry and Water Resources   Worchester Polytechnical Institute
  Mike Radzicki - focus on affairs of state

Khalid Saeed- focus on international affairs

Creative Learning Exchange - K-12 Systems Thinking

LISTSERV - e-mail to containing the following text subscribe system-dynamics end

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 Desert Island Dynamics

1996 System Dynamics Conference Proceedings

System Dynamics Methods: A Quick Introduction

Creative Learning Exchange Newsletter

System Dynamics Review published quarterly

The Systems Thinker published bi-monthly by Pegasus

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