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On-line Web Applications

EXSYS from Multilogic Corporation (Web Runtime Engine) -

Numerous working examples of running expert systems over the internet. Includes Permit Spaces Advisor from OSHA, Determining Your PCS Entitlements from the US Air Force and Instructor Duty Advisory Module from the US Navy. A must see.

Graduate Admissions Screening -

An application form consisting of 29 questions organized into three sections. Provides advice on whether you should attend graduate school. From Acquired Intelligence Software.

Network Circuit Card Diagnosis - - from 3Com Corporation, an entire set of diagnostic expert systems for their products

Whale Watcher - interesting whale identification system. You provide the animal characteristics - it tells you the whale type, eating and migration habits. Also from Acquired Intelligence Software.

Spacecraft Environmental Anomalies Expert System - From a web page at NASA, "SEAES is an advanced rule-based software tool that will complement the operational expert systems now in existence by adding a capability for diagnosing those anomalies that are induced by the interactions of the space environment such as high-energy proton events and geomagnetic storms."

Biography Assistant- Guides you through the process of writing a paper or book on family members.

Stocks, Taxes, Loans, Derivatives, ETC -

Series of small but complex applications oriented toward pricing loans, stocks, etc. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much expertise is involved? How much if-then type branching?

Taxcut from Kiplinger - has about 30 expert systems built into the software

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Application Descriptions

From Acquired Intelligence - A wide variety of systems such as Laboratory Advisory, System Radio Inspector's Assistant, Plant Operation and Maintenance, Radio Interference Advisor, The SoyTrader, Child Neuropsychology, Haematological Screening - Prenatal/Presurgery

From Gensym - dozens of examples where their product G2 has been applied at MCI, McDonnell Douglas, Mobil Oil, Irridium , Xerox, DuPont, etc.

From Multilogic - dozens of examples from Accounting to Zoology. Includes section on Military,Government and Space.

From Carnegie Group - some good solid applications including a whole government section. Click on the Government pyramid. You will need to enter the Username govt and the password g0v+D0D! (8 characters long - the 0 is a zero, not a capital letter, it is all case sensitive).

From Neuron Data - examples of expert systems at DISA for C2 systems integration, Army for personnel tracking, Air Force in Avionics, Naval Undersea Warfare for Computer Engineering.

From SRI - the AALPS aircraft loading knowledge base.

From Naval Research Lab

Air Force Rome Labs

From Army AI Center - Army proponent for bringing expert systems & other AI technology to life.

From Knowledge Garden - a small vendor, but an interesting variety of applications.

From Teknowledge - a minimal list.

From Goldhill - some short generic descriptions on where the software has been applied.

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Gensym - workstation oriented software largely for processing control in manufacturing. Primary product is called G2.

Exsys - Expert System Shell software oriented toward the PC

Knowledge Garden - shell for PC's.

Neuron Data - upscale network and workstation oriented company.

Goldhill - focus on "language" oriented vendor. Originally a major LISP vendor.

Freeware JESS - JAVA Expert System Shell - ( - Jess is featured in the book "Intelligent Java Applications for the Internet and Intranets" by Mark Watson. It is a expert system shell for developing JAVA based expert systems

CLIPS - - available from NASA for doing E.S. development. A powerful tool, but also difficult to learn for the novice. Much closer to a programming language than a tool such as EXSYS.

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American Association for Artificial Intelligence - collection of the leaders in the AI field. Annual conferences. Bi-annual conference on Innovative Applications in Artificial Intelligence.

INFORMS - subgroup in Institute for Operations Research and Management Science specializing in AI.

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PC AI - Bi-monthly commercially oriented magazine devoted to all AI topics - neural nets, genetic algorithms, expert systems, etc.

AI Magazine - Journal of the AAAI, pseudo- technical in nature

Data and Knowledge Engineering - very technical journal published by the IEEE.

The New Review of Applied Expert Systems -

The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

SIGART - the ACM Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Repository - Carnegie Mellon University

AI Expert - ceased publishing in 1997, but good source of examples where AI has been applied.

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