An Information Warfare Assessment Methodology:

Case Study and System Dynamics

Warren W. Tignor Ph.D.

Vice President, Kimmich Software Systems, Inc.

7235 Dockside Lane

Columbia, MD 21045

(410) 851-1002

Martin R. Dean

Senior Software Engineer

Science Applications International Corporation

7120 Columbia Gateway Drive

Columbia, MD 21046

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The U.S. dependence on information technology weakens our defense against information warfare. Presidential Decision Directive 63 recognizes the interdependence of a strong military and a robust national economy. The U.S. needs to mitigate the risk of information warfare and help protect the U.S. critical infrastructure in accordance with PDD 63. This paper presents a methodology to model information warfare policy and decision processes using a hybrid of case study and System Dynamics (causal, and stock and flow diagrams) in a learning organization environment.