Links to thousands of books that are free on the Internet

Over 32,000 completely free online books.

Classical Literature Library
1,258 classical fiction and nonfiction e-books.

Consumer Information Center
Hundreds of the best federal consumer publications.

Great Books Index
Books from mankind's greatest minds.

The Internet Public Library
Online texts collection contains over 20,000 titles.

The On-Line Books Page
Searchable database of over 20,000 online books.

Open Directory Project
A directory of online books.

Modern English Collection
2,722 titles from AD 1500-present.

Project Gutenberg
Extensive database of texts.

WWW Subject Catalog
A collection of electronic texts links.


A list of literature related search engines.

The BookWire Index
Extensive database of book resources on the Internet.

The English Server
Arts and humanities texts and resources.
Free online courses, tutorials, and study guides.

Literature and Books
The librarians' index to the Internet.

The Magazine Rack
Directory of free online magazines.

Newspapers Online
An easy to use tool for referencing the world's newspapers.

Zuzu's Petals Literary Resource
Bookstores, online books, and related information.


Search the best encyclopedias available online.

OneLook Dictionaries
Search over 900 online dictionaries at the same time.
The single best Internet source for finding facts.
A free online thesaurus.


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