This web page consists of a listing of Internet information sources about Energy
Global Energy Marketplace
Searchable database of more than 2500 energy efficiency and renewable energy Web links
Greentie Directory
Greenhouse gas mitigating technologies information exchange
Common Purpose
Extensive datbase of renewable energy contacts
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network
A comprehensive resource for energy efficiency and renewable energy information
Energy & Environment
Links and resources for energy and the environment
 Energy Information Administration
Mission to develop energy data and analyses that help enhance the understanding of energy
Energy Information on Internet
Database for energy experts of information sources that can be accessed through the Internet
 Energy Web Directory
Web locations and tools about Energy
Global Power Directory
A directory of the electric power industry, covering power generation, distribution, and markets
Green Power Network
The clearinghouse for green power news and information
 Mining Co.
A guide to the Energy Industry on the Internet
PMA Energy Links
A comprehensive index of online energy industry resources
Renewable Energy
Links to web sites about renewable and sustainable energy
Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy WWW Links
A comprehensive index of web sites about renewable and sustainable energy
Solar Energy and Renewable Energy Related Servers
A comprehensive index of web sites about solar and renewable energy
The Internet information service of the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology
Virtual Library
High energy physics web sites
Virtual Library
Nuclear physics web sites
Wind Energy Links
Extensive list of web sites about wind energy
Alliance to Save Energy
A nonprofit coalition that promotes the efficient and clean use of energy worldwide
American Wind Energy Association
Promotes the development and use of wind energy
 Association of Energy Services Professionals
Energy services industry members concerned with promoting energy efficiency and value
Bioenergy Information Network
Information about fuels and power produced from biomass
International centre for the analysis and dissemination of renewable energy technologies
Dedicated to advancing transportation technologies
Database of information on financial and regulatory incentives that are
designed to promote the application of renewable energy technologies
The Energy Foundation
Promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy
Energy Ideas Clearinghouse
Offers information on energy efficiency
Enersol Associates, Inc.
Promotes the use of solar energy for rural development
Environmental Energy Technologies Division
Performs research and development for better energy technologies
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy
Conducts research on the technology needed to supply efficient and environmentally safe energy
Fuel Cells 2000
An online fuel cell information center
Global Energy Network International
Plan to link electrically the renewable energy resources around the world
International network of organizations to promote sustainable energy and social development
Integrity Research Institute
A nonprofit corporation dedicated to energy research
International Atomic Energy Agency
The international agency for oversight of atomic energy
International Energy Agency
Seeks to help energy make the fullest possible contribution to sustainable economic development
International Geothermal Association
Developing geothermal resources worldwide
International Solar Energy Society
Advancing the cause of renewable energy
National Energy Foundation
Provider of educational materials and programs related to energy and natural resources
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Center for renewable energy research
Renewable Energy Advocates
Promots the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
Renewable Resource Data Center
Information about biomass, geothermal, solar, and wind energy
The solar energy industries association's web site
United Nations
Energy programs
 U.S. Department of Energy
Information and resources
  Utility PhotoVoltaic Group
Mission to accelerate the use solar electric (Photovoltaic) energy

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