This web page consists of a listing of Internet information sources about communities

American Planning Association  Public interest and research organization for urban and rural planning issues.

The Cohousing Network  Information about and links to cohousing communities.

Community Network Movement  Information and resources about community computer network systems.

Cyburbia  A community planning and architecture Internet resource center.

eGroups  A free e-mail community system.

Foundation for Community Encouragement  Teaches the principles and values of community to individuals, groups, and organizations.

The Global Eco-village Network  Supports the development of sustainable human settlements.

Intentional Communities Web  Information about communes, intentional communities, collective settlements and kibbutz throughout the world.

Northwest Regional Facilitators  Dedicated to helping individuals, groups and communities seize preferred futures.

Regional Networking  Regional Networking by Continent, Country, Region, State, Province, and City.

Sustainable Communities Network  Linking citizens to resources to create healthy sustainable communities.

UK Communities Online  Using information and communications technology for the benefit of all by building local online communities.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development  Information and resources.


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