Research & Development

    This web page consists of a listing of Internet information sources about R&D
A list of on-line publications related to the field of Artificial Life
Artificial Intelligence
A listing of Artificial Intelligence resources available on the Internet
Federal Information Exchange (FEDIX)
An on-line information retrieval service of federal opportunities for the education and research communities
Learning & Information
A listing of Internet learning and information sources
Links to Internet sites about nanotechnology
Nanotechnology Industries
A comprehensive resource and information center about nanotechnology
Research Funding Opportunities and Administration
Contains a search engine for locating research funding opportunites
Research Sponsors
A listed of web sites containing information about research funding
A listing of Robotics resources available on the Internet
Space Exploration
A directory of web sites about Space Exploration
Links to web sites related to research
  Center for Earth and Planetary Studies
 Performs research related to planetary and terrestrial geology
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
 Mission to develop imaginative, innovative and often high risk research ideas offering a significant
technological impact that will go well beyond the normal evolutionary developmental approaches
Federal Laboratory Consortium
Promotes technology transfer from laboratory research into the economy
Energy, Environment, and Resources Center
Research to find real-world solutions to problems in the fields of energy,
environmental resources, technology, and economic development
 The Global Inventory Project
 Its major objective is to create a true and totally open planetary resource of knowledge,
idea brokerage of possible solutions for putting the Information Society in everybody's hands
Space travel and exploration
 The National Academies
Provides policy studies and advice on matters of science, technology, and medicine
 National Center for Biotechnology Information
Resource for molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics information
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Seeking a sustainable energy future by developing renewable energy technologies, improving
energy efficiency, advancing related science and engineering and facilitating commercialization
National Science Foundation
Information and resources
Office of Research, Technology and Analysis
Advances transportation research, engineering and education
Office of Science
Funds basic research in order to advance the fundamental science knowledge base
Rocky Mountain Institute
Mission to foster the efficient and sustainable use of resources as a path to global security
United Nations
UN research programs

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