Recommended Introductory Go/Weiqi/Baduk Books.

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Teach Yourself Go

Charles Matthews

NTC Publishing, 0844226777

The Magic of GO

Cho Chikun

Ishi Press, 4-87187-041-1

Go: A Complete Introduction to the Game (Update of "The Magic of Go")

Cho Chikun

Kiseido, 1-889554-42-1

Go for Beginners

Kaoru Iwamoto

Pantheon Books, 0394733312

Graded Go Problems, Vol 1

Kano Yoshiori

Kiseido, 4906574467

Graded Go Problems, Vol 2

Kano Yoshiori

Kiseido, 4906574475

Graded Go Problems, Vol 3

Kano Yoshiori

Kiseido, 4906574483

Graded Go Problems, Vol 4

Kano Yoshiori

Kiseido, 4906574491

Learn to Play Go (Learn to Play Go series, Vol 1)

Janice Kim

Good Move Press 0964479613

The Way of the Moving Horse (Learn to Play Go Series, Vol 2)

Janice Kim

Good move press 0964479621

The Dragon Style (Learn to Play Go Series, Vol 3)

Janice Kim

Good move press 096447963X

Attack and Defense

Ishida Akira

Kiseido, 4906574149


James Davies

Kiseido, 4906574122

Life and Death

James Davies

Kiseido, 4906574130

The Second Book of Go

Richard Bozulich

Kiseido, 4906574319

The Book of Go, includes a small set (9X9 and 13X13 cardboard boards with small plastic stones).

William Cobb

Sterling Publishing Co., ISBN 0-8069-2729-1

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