Thomas F. Valone

EDUCATION: Ph.D. General Engineering, Kennedy-Western University, 2003….M.A. Physics, SUNY at Buffalo, 1984...B.S. Physics; B.S. Electrical Engineering, SUNY at Buffalo, 1974. Professional Engineer's P.E. License (NY #62475).


2005-Present U. S. PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE Crystal City, VA

Patent Examiner

Physics, Measuring, Testing, Instrumentation Class 324, Art Unit 2858, GS-12. Electric and nonelectric properties, tesing in specific environments, calibrating electric meters, sensing electricity, internal combustion engine ignition system, electromechanical switching devices, thermoelectric properties, electrostatic field sensing, fault detection, impedance/admittance testing, power measurement, motors/generators.

1990-1996, 1999-2005 INTEGRITY RESEARCH INSTITUTE Washington, DC


Editor, Future Energy newsletter. scientific studies, report generation, editing services, patent application review. Technical consultation for physicists, law firms, authors, video production. Clients include Global Atomics, Inc., Lightworks AV, Alternative Energy Institute, Starburst Foundation, The Magnetizer Group, Saladoff and Associates, ELF International, Sachs-Freeman Associates, AquaQueen, Newline Investments. Services provided: Electrical product design/development, engineering testing, expert testimony and opinion, environmental/electromagnetic field/energy consulting, proposal writing, technical writing.

1996-1999 U. S. PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE Crystal City, VA

Patent Examiner

Same class as in above. Elected as Board member of the PTO Society, 1999.


Engineering Manager

Responsible for Engineering Department projects, managed engineers and technicians, initiated several instrument lines, trained industrial interns from SUNY at Buffalo, designed 2% accuracy calibration procedures, designed specification sheets and training manual, represented company at shows, conferences.



(Physics, Robotics, & Electrical Tech Depts.) Courses taught included Engineering Physics, Technical Physics, Introductory Physics, AC Electricity, Electronics, Digital Logic, Microprocessors (6502), Environmental Science, as well as laboratory sessions for above courses. Designed Instrumentation & Process Control Curriculum at direction of College President. Participated in Project Outreach by teaching SUNY-contract microprocessor courses (6800) at Chevrolet Plant, Tonawanda, NY.

1976-1980 SCOTT AVIATION, DIV. OF ATO, INC. Lancaster, NY

Research Scientist

(Research & Development Department) Developed gas detection linearization circuit for Series

9000 instruments, directed planning/installation of computerized test facility for catalytic sensors,

performed feasibility study of non-pressurized zeolite oxygen tank for firemen, published design articles, managed acquisition and installation of computer network, numerous sensor circuit design and testing projects. Advanced to Director of R & D by fourth year.

MEMBER: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, World Innovation Foundation, American Association for the Advancement of Science, National Space Society, The Bioelectromagnetics Society.

Awards and references available upon request.


Publications by Thomas Valone

Integrity Research Institute, 1220 L Street NW, Suite 100-232, Washington, DC 20005


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