Jacqueline Panting Valone

General Manager of M.A.M.S.I., a representative of several suppliers of microwave components and subsystems to OEM, military and commercial companies. These include the DOD, NRL, MD Procurement, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and others.

Ms. Valone is also a strong advocate of holistic health, including electromagnetic medicine and is responsible for the Health programs of our Institute. Her experience in the field of medicine and health includes management of a cardiology wellness center with locations at Mt. Sinai, Parkway and Cedars Medical Center and a Partial Hospitalization Program in Miami, Florida for nearly 20 years. In the beginning of her career, Ms Valone worked for Group Health Incorporated, who from 1976 through 1981 was awarded the management of the Medicare Part B system for the state of Florida. In her spare time, she volunteered for The Hospice Program of Broward County where she assisted patients in their transition and helped family members cope with their loss.

Ms. Valone is a doctorate candidate of Naturopathy at Trinity College of Natural Health and is certified through the College of Natural Health Professionals, CNHP.