A new program began in 2003 designed to research bioenergy, health and electrotherapy.

Throughout the early 1900’s, thousands of electrical devices were invented and used by doctors to effectively ameliorate a variety of illness, disease, infection, and malady. As far back as September 6, 1932, Dr. Gustave Kolisher announced to the American Congress of Physical Therapy that "Tesla's high-frequency electrical currents are bringing about highly beneficial results in dealing with cancer, surpassing anything that could be accomplished with ordinary surgery." Though a few devices and textbooks survive to this day, most have been wiped out by the special interests of the A.M.A. and the F.D.A. Today, it is ironic that cancer, AIDS, and a host of other diseases remain in the limbo of research almost indefinitely with only incremental improvements in care revealed by all of the medical institutions. On the other hand, there is a resurgence in the science of bioelectromagnetics (BEMs), which is the study of the effect of electromagnetic fields on biological systems. A 3-page white-paper on "Chronic Fatigue and Electromedicine" by Dr. Thomas Valone summarizes the effects leading to depleted cellular energy and evidence for antidotal effects of microcurrent, pulsed electromagnetic fields. A new, revised edition 120-page book, Bioelectromagnetic Healing: A Rationale for Its Use is the first book to provide a comprehensive, scientific explanation for the reasons why high voltage electrotherapy devices work, including a summary of the new findings of biophotons.

“This is a great [book] that you published…Hopefully the next generation of doctors will be using BEM medicine!” - Beverly Rubik, PhD - Institute for Frontier Sciences

The first 20 pages of Bioelectromagnetic Healing are also online.
A published BEMs study summarizing the book is available online.
The BEMs study is also available in pdf format.

IRI has also a comprehensive "Bibliography of Bioelectomagnetics" available for researchers.

The Premier 3000, pictured to the right, is IRI's multiple combination experimental electromedicine machine, developed by biophysicist Thomas Valone, Ph.D., P.E. based on the Azure patent #6,217,604 “Method for treating diseased states, in particular AIDS, using an electromagnetic generator.” It energizes the body in a very short exposure lasting less than 5 minutes. One can sit in a non-contacting position nearby or take advantage of the TouchPadTM and/or Wand to receive electrons which preliminary studies show will fight free radicals. Invigorating and disinfecting, many people use it everyday to increase their resistance.*

The Premier 3000 flyer is available in pdf format.

IRI has also developed a Dental Vapor Ionizer based on the principle of electroprecipitation. It utilizes high voltage static electrical fields to move toxic mercury vapor from amalgam fillings to a positively charged collector plate. The plate is a washable rubber mat which is also available configured inside a framed picture if desired. When operating, tests with a mercury vapor meter show a lower concentration in the dental operatory than in the waiting room.

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