Confessions of a Cold Warrior
Autobiography of
Daniel O. Graham
Lieutenant General USA Retired

Confessions of a Cold Warrior tells the story of a professional soldier from his days at West Point to his leadership of the Defense Intelligence Agency to finally his founding and direction of High Frontier. Throughout his career, General Graham has been "throwing cats in the canary cages" of dogmatic institutionalism. A gripping narrative from start to finish, Confessions of a Cold Warrior is a wonderfully inspirational book that does not pull any punches- General Graham's straight forward style does not dodge sensitive issues. Graham takes head on the mistakes made in the intelligence community during Vietnam and writes forcefully about the struggle to realize affordable space launch capability with a Single Stage to Orbit vehicle.More than anything else, Confessions of a Cold Warrior is about an individual's conflict with and triumph over artificial norms and routine for rountine's sake. 

Published in 1995, Confessions of a Cold Warrior will stand as a lasting memory to General Graham who passed away that same year.

"…thank you for your past service in the Cold War and your wonderful contributions to America's future. In formulating a vision for space development, you planted and nurtured a seed that is growing as we speak and will one day surpass our wildest imaginations. Thank you Lieutenant General Daniel O. Graham for helping save America."

    -Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich

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