Gulf Stream Analysis charts are available by email in black & white at the following prices:


Single Chart





2 9


$40 - each



10 19


$35 - each



20 29


$32 - each



30 39


$29 - each



40 and over


$27 - each



150 (3/wk for one year)


$25 - each




         [Any number of charts can be purchased]



Note: multiple charts must be purchased upfront as a package and used up within one calendar year of purchase



Gulfstream COLOR CHARTS (w/ SST's) (e-mail attached)
.........add $10 per chart.

Customized routing package for sailboat/boat deliveries:


Ocean currents and weather routing



Ocean currents only



Weather only



TransAtlantic/long routing




Specialized charts, routing, briefings and consultation for East Coast Sailboat Races ................. Call for prices.

Enroute consultations/updates .......$35 to $60

Special Order World Ocean charts and Ship Routing available for prices.

Ocean Current Analysis and Ocean Current information at grid points for inclusion into Navigation programs for prices. 

For price quotes by phone, call 410-286-5370.