Ocean and Weather Pre-Race Briefings (*)

Get the latest information before you depart from Jenifer and Dane Clark, supporting Bermuda Yacht Raceís for over 30 years

June 13, 2013  

 Time: 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

 Saint Gabriel's Episcopal Church
124 Front Street

Call 410-286-5370 to sign up.  Cost:  $325 (2 crew members) 

(*)  Includes preliminary weather race forecast e-mailed to you on 6/12/13 and final ocean routing and updated weather forecast e-mailed to you by late on 6/13/13.

NOTE: If you hire another company for weather, you can still get Jeniferís ocean package for $245.   The package can be picked up prior to our pre-race weather and ocean briefing on June 13th.

Those who chose our seminar are also entitled to purchase the following services:


OCEAN CHARTS - Most of our clients also purchase a 10 pack of ocean charts (one a week for 10 weeks prior to the start) for studying the configuration and movement of the gulfstream and eddies over time to plan and practice tactics.  $30/chart, b/w faxed and +$10/chart for color with SSTs (e-mailed).

LARGE NOAA NAVIGATION CHART - with Jeniferís forecast Gulfstream and Eddy features and expected ocean current speeds and direction along the Rhumbline.  $195

GRID FILES (deckman for windows and expedition) - with forecast ocean current data for navigation programs.  $95

RETURN TRIP ROUTING - discounted to $175


*****************CUSTOMER COMMENTS*********************

Eric Crawford in the 2012 Newport to Bermuda Race said, "I have used Jenifer Clark's Gulfstream information since I started ocean racing in 1993 and wouldn't do a race to Bermuda without it. This includes being a navigator for an overall win ("Restless" 2000), and four class wins("Restless" 1996, 2000;" Belle Aurore" 2010,2012) in the Newport Bermuda Race."

Fom Matt Wachowicz...winner of the 2011 Annapolis to Newport Race Ö "Your information for the Annapolis to Newport Race was impeccable, and I'd like to use your services for the Transatlantic Race. I really appreciated the efforts you went through on the Annapolis race, and the hard work really paid off, as we won the race, in part using your current information as a key bit of our strategy. Looking forward to working with you on the transat..."