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garror.jpg (56206 bytes)Gary with Rory at a Handling Class!!!!   He used to go to dog shows with me, but found that there were too many "bitches" that weren't female dogs in attendance!!!

(HE thinks that is very very funny)

I told you I would find a photo of my honey!!!  My "phantom" husband is very fast and capable of great maneuvers to avoid being photographed--I even found ONE from our wedding that might do. 

weddogs.jpg (47035 bytes)

rexnorm.jpg (93967 bytes) This first is "Rude Rex" with my brother-friend-helper and great guy, Norman Van Bogart at the Veranda Chez Signet!
marpups.jpg (48373 bytes)1macvix.jpg (45441 bytes)  
This is Maribeth Keitz and two of the Garth/Tye puppies, she is our very dear friend even if she won't agree to own a Greater Swiss!!  She also is our FAVORITE (and the most generous) photographer in the world, most of these photos on these pages are her shots--therefore you will see very little of her IN them:) Missing is a picture of Maribeth's Sister Ann, who is responsible for teaching me how to do this stuff (so blame her, not me), the two Shelties are their best buddies, I don't know what she sees in all that fur!!  
sfmak.jpg (62916 bytes) This is Bette Greenspan, you will see lots more of her on these pages!!   She is single-handedly responsible for me falling head over heels in love with this breed.  She and her best buddy, Mak, have shown me the highs and the lows of the bond between people and dogs and why we all are attracted to these big goofy lugs!!

Plus, Bette is the only living person in this world who can tell me to "shut-up" and "listen" and I do it:) 

Sandy & the chior.jpg (54038 bytes) Finally a good photo of Sandy! It shows Sandy doing what she does best.....getting EVERYONE's attention!!   The dogs in the "choir" are L-R:  Circus, Rika, Sean, and Kaiz'r.   Doesn't it look like they are about to break into song at her Direction?  .... and a one, and a two..........

Rex's little pal is this handsome and entertaining fellow:

prevision.jpg (186490 bytes) PSYCHE!! Pictured here at 5 years old


judgealert.jpg (65809 bytes)   This is the incredible thinking dog, my dream Rottweiler--The Judge
frumovin.jpg (46158 bytes)  And the leader of them all....a fiesty little Havanese who we call "The Fru" 

This is Fru's 6 week old daughter, "Mercy" with our Mastiff, "Kitty"

kitty1.jpg (59622 bytes)

More to come.............some people, some dogs:)