AKC Standard for FruFru's , and FCI Standard too.

And FAQ's, written by my friend Schalene Dagutis are the most complete description of our little guys.  These little Cuban Bichon dogs are just so unbelievably adorable that even I have been sucked into the world of little FruFRUs!!!:)

fruhairmatch.jpg (93756 bytes)

This is "Precioso's Rx Por Sonrisas", she is known as FruFru, Snowshoe, PooPoo, foo foo, and other such silly names!!  Her name is in Spanish and it means "Precious Prescription (Rx) for Smiles!!!!!"  Schalene gave her to me when Circus was dying of cancer as he loved the little dogs soooo much and she gave Circus so much fun in his last days.  She has continued to keep me smiling by her amusing ways and by her ability to always make me think of happy thoughts, it is like somehow Schalene and Circus both knew that I would be the one that needed this "prescription"

fruupsidedown.jpg (90276 bytes)

How can you not just laugh at a dog that is like a ragdoll?? Fru is the most entertaining and silly dog in the world, she never has a bad day (bad hair days, yes, bad mood days--NEVER).

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Havanese are known for their bouncy, springy step.  They do always look "disheveled" but they are always happy!

Pets can be clipped for comfort and easier grooming, every Havanese I know sleeps on the BACKS of the furniture - like furry parrots!

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And all of our Havanese are socialized to the REAL dogs and forced to be the entertainment for the crowds!!

The dog pulling is Action Jackson a Great Pyranees:

havcartride.jpg (59473 bytes)

The dogs riding are Max and Mardi (fun at parties) Dagutis!!

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