Carting Supplies, Equipment and VENDORS

Almost all of my equipment (Harnesses, Carts, Training books, etc) came from DogWorks.   And Beth Ostrander of DogWorks has helped me through the years with everything I needed to know about carting and equipment and dogs and working.  To contact Beth at DogWorks or call 1-800-787-2788.

For more Supply information my carting cyber friend Warrick Wilson has the most complete and well organized list of Carting vendors and products, so rather than reinvent the wheel, please go visit Warrick's site directly!!

Warrick's List of Vendors

Jan Cooper has a really cool carting online video thingy on her site and also a link to look at the k-9 Sulky that you can ride in -- I will think about it if I can get a TEAM (i.e. 4-6) of dogs to pull me!!! Jan Cooper's HOME PAGE and Jan also has a link to help you Subscribe to the Online Carting Discussion Group Carting-L

See the innovative and unique carts and lots more carting information on the Sawyer Dog Show Page

More links to follow

Happy Carting!!

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