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In order to join the educational and entertaining discussions about Greater Swiss and our lives with them, please subscribe to the Swissy-L by following these instructions:

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To Search the Archives of the Swissy-L to see what you missed and to find specific Data click HERE!

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and to see and learn more about Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, go to this historical FAQ page through the button below


which is from the Natural History Museum, Bern, Switzerland.  This site also has the FCI Standard available.

Jonathan Bastian's Wonderful HomePage with Links to his ongoing project at home, his artwork and of course pictures and information about his Swissies and his crazy little Appenzellers and an Entlebucher.  This Site has a Swissy of the Month Photo Page, lots of great info!!!

Ellyn Signet's Swell Swissy Page!! with links to GSMDCA Membership Info and other National and Regional Club information.   FAQ's and MORE!!!!.  Great Pictures!!!

Wendy Kwok's HomePage, with Pictures of Lickie

Historical Carting Pictures, check out the size and type of the Swiss "farm dogs" as they called them.

Steve and Ardy Hofmann's StAar Swissy Page with lots of cute puppy pictures and a fresh outlook

Dave and Kathy Caslin's Page, with HERDING stuff and lots more!!

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