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Greater Washington Greater Swiss, Inc. is a dog club dedicated to the advancement and protection of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. We hope to educate the general public as to the true nature of our beloved Swissies through draft dog trials, therapy dog work, health seminars, breed rescue, quality breeding, exhibiting and more. The club shall also serve as a forum for those who currently have Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, as well as those who are interested in our breed. Through our meetings, special activities and our newsletter, SwissWatch, we will share our experiences and interests with others. We will seek to guide new owners and those just learning about the GSMD in all aspects of life with a Swissy.

While we are primarily focused on serving the Swissy community in the greater Washington, DC area, our membership is not restricted by geographic location. Currently we have members from as far away as Germany and Texas. You do not have to own a Swissy to join, but must be at least eighteen years old. All members are required to sign and abide by the club's Code of Ethics which includes mandatory OFA certification for all breeding animals as well as significant numerical restrictions on breeding and repeat breedings. Our Code of Ethics is designed not only to guide new and old breeders but to educate puppy buyers as to what a breeder of healthy quality dogs adheres to as far as ethics and pre-breeding tests are concerned.

The majority of our members are also members of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, Inc., our national club. Although membership in the national club is not required, we do encourage members to join the GSMDCA, as it is a valued source of information. As a regional club we operate under the auspices of the national club and are seeking formal recognition by the American Kennel Club.

For more information about GWGS, an issue of the Swiss Watch, a copy of our Code of Ethics or a membership application please contact any of our members or write to:

Membership Chairman

GWGS, Inc.

P. O. Box 3188

Oakton, VA 22124

Or contact us via email at:"wagpete@aol.com", "bettegreen@aol.com" or "eswiss@monumental.com" or call 540-894-4862 (4:30 -9:30 pm EST)

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