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" You want my what?? "

Please continue to help with Dr. Johnson's Epilepsy Study.  For more GWGS gatherings or other local opportunities to draw blood samples (free of charge), contact Sharyl Mayhew at  mailto:gr8rswis@erols.com   or by telephone 703-754-0158.  All forms available and free blood collection and shipping for anyone in or passing through the local DC/VA/MD area.

For downloadable forms go to http://www.cvm.missouri.edu/cen/ which is a temporary site to let people download the forms directly so that even more samples can be sent in from all over the world.  Most veterinarians will draw the blood for free and you may only need to pay the FedEx charge if you explain to them the importance of this study.   

GWGS as a club and our members as individuals want to thank the following people and their dogs for showing support and participation for such a great project.  This is something that can only benefit all of us and all of our dogs in the future.  THANK YOU and keep up the good work, your actions speak louder than words and you are all truly dedicated to the breed, in word and in DEED!!!!

In no particular order here are the breeders and owners and a list of their dogs they've submitted so far.  This list is not a complete list of all dogs who've been submitted, just of those who've submitted blood samples while at or in conjunction with a GWGS  Event or meeting.  We are very proud of you all.

Tom and Janet Brown

  1. Seavaridge Dogwood Echo Jesse "Jesse"
  2. Dogwood's Georgia on my Mind "Georgia" (co-owned with Sharyl)

Dan Campeau

  1. Davka's BraveHeart "Bill"
  2. Alki Suddanly Apple Blossom "Apple"
  3. Rina's Suddanly Hagen "Jethro"
  4. Von Thrall Suddanly Bewitched "Sami"
  5. Davka Sudnly Have a Little Faith "Faith"
  6. Bayshore Suddanly Ace High "Trace"

Cathy Cooper

  1. Shadetree's Up & Adam "Duck"
  2. Dogwood's Shadetree's Red Dawg "Red Dawg"
  3. Shadetree's Vixen "Charlotte"
  4. Shadetree's X's & O's "Kizzi"
  5. Shadetree Zanadu v. Thrall "Chewy"
  6. Shadetree's Bitzee "Bitzee"
  7. Shadetree's Ulea's Black Gold "Napoleon" (co-owned with
  8. Krakatau Danish Delight "Lily"
  9. LaGross Shimmy Shake "Ruff"

Leslei Wemhoff

  1. Suddanly Hurricane Susan "Curley Sue"
  2. Tym-n-Tyd's Tip of the Iceberg "Chugger"

Huck Bothner

  1. Aly-Man's Clinton

Virginia O'Rorke

  1. TwinPine's Bountiful "Carter"

Ellyn Signet

  1. Suddanly Tooty Fruity "Rudy"
  2. Tye Robertson "Tye"

Jeff Mayfield

  1. Plumtree Callenwalde v. Schatz "Waldo"

Sharyl Mayhew

  1. Hamilton Country Club "Oakley" (co-owned with Houghton's)
  2. Drumhill Precious Testarossa "Rosalee" (co-owned with Debby Figiel)
  3. Plumtree GA Peach v. Schatz "Peaches"
  4. Dogwood's Georgia on my Mind "Georgia" (co-owned with Browns)
  5. Bart v. Meyer "Rex"
  6. Hamilton Circus Crescendo "Piccadilly"
  7. Zetroc's One Precious Vision "Psyche"

Wendy Kwok

  1. Drumhill Precious Licorice "Lickie"

Matt Brown

  1. Polyanna's Gretel "Gretel"
  2. Sugarland Holly "Holly"

Sue Kittler

  1. Owl Creek Oliver "Oliver"
  2. Sennenhof's Polly "Polly"

Jan Angrave

  1. Dogwood's Sir Isaac Newton "Isaac"

Matt Morano

  1. Max

Bette Greenspan

  1. Owl Creek Alexander "Mak"

I am particularly impressed with the effort of the owners of some of the OLD Swissies.   Do you know that 10 of the GWGS assisted submissions so far are from dogs older than 8 and several of those dogs are older than 10-11 years of age?!!!  How's that for COMMITTMENT!!

Many of the GWGS local members have more dogs who will be donating blood here soon to the EVBB and we intend to draw some of them at that time (so that they don't become pin-cushions!!), so watch this page for more submission information and let me know if you've sent in YOUR samples and I'll list anyone who wants to be here and offer our thanks to you and your dogs happily.... THE MORE THE MERRIER!!

Thankfully and Sincerely, Sharyl (local vampire according to the dogs)

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