Dog Shows, when, where, how, who,what???

Go to the AKC Web Site Contents and look under Events - they have the next several months of shows available --  listed by month, then date and state within month.

Get the name of the Superintenedent, then, if it's one of the following, go to their site for more info such as directions and breed show times. Premium lists are available 4-5 weeks before the show and give general information.  Judging programs are available 6-9 days before a show date and give the more detailed info.

Infodog website will give you most of what you need to know.  When the shows are, where they are, and who won at the shows that have been held. They also give results from their shows and all the others but don't always have all the details from the other superintendents' shows.   This site is often hard to access right before closing times on Wednesday mornings, but try late at night and you should have no trouble.

Onofrio website gives you the same info for their shows and lots of links too!

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