Cute Puppy Pics (click on some of the images to enlarge them)

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Finally the pics of Anthony/Chance Puppies-at 5 weeks!!  More to come as they age we are using rolls and rolls of film!!!

After school naps.jpg (48353 bytes)Time for a nap!! Chance and the Babies.jpg (51707 bytes)Chance providing a quick snack Gonna eat that bear.jpg (50190 bytes)Time to play again and again and again!!

Here are some at 7 weeks, they went on their first roadtrip!!! we attended a CERF clinic, Fall Fun/Bonfire and Hayride out past Winchester with the Potomac Valley Bernese Mountain Dog club.  What a GREAT DAY, This was THE place to take puppies to help socialize them!!! The four babies were held by adults and children and they played with dogs and on the way home they were sleeping soundly and dreaming of their next big adventure.

ruderex.jpg (53741 bytes)RudeRex driving the TRACTOR for the hayride!!!  I hope he never learns how the keys work!! Can you picture him as the "rude" baron in a bi-plane?? shake.jpg (50122 bytes)

This little girl thinks she is a pointer!!:) (Marzipan)

pups with berner: rcaplayingrough.jpg (35258 bytes)pups playing
Chester (Fluffernutter)rcachester.jpg (48698 bytes) Bright male (FUDGE) Bright Female (Marshmallow)rcabrightb.jpg (47689 bytes) Dark Female (Marzipan)rcadrkbitch.jpg (41222 bytes)

Click here to see the Sean/Rika litter, possibly the best litter I have ever seen-here or anywhere:   Ball017.gif (983 bytes)

Here are some other Swissy Puppy pictures from years gone by.

13kings.jpg (50846 bytes)The Magi puppies, named for the Three Kings as they were born near Christmas time

They are Circus/Abbie puppies see pedigree pages

kinglitter.jpg (58346 bytes)

1cirkings.jpg (52933 bytes)three pups with their dad, Circus 13kngs2.jpg (50895 bytes)They are about 3.5 weeks in these photos
rexdevon.jpg (61934 bytes)Rex and his 11 week old son, Dogwood Precious Devon, "Boone" is now owned by Eileen Walbridge lotspups.jpg (45611 bytes)This is what is known as a "puppy pile" -- These are the Psyche/Polly pups at about 6-7 weeks clumped between my couch and the coffee table:) 2pupchew.jpg (71878 bytes)Queen of the "puppies" -- Peaches sharing a bone with puppy Devon
rudswim.jpg (54566 bytes)This is Rudi having her first Swimming lesson at Penny's pool, if you teach them to have fun while they are puppies they like water as adults picpool.jpg (51591 bytes)Piccadilly at Poolside!!, some never get the interest in the water, this puppy is genetically programmed to avoid it:)  Circus, to Sean, to Piccadilly -- stay away from the evil water!!!! peapool.jpg (93487 bytes)This is Peaches at about 3 months, she preferred to float rather than swim!!
antlit.jpg (53039 bytes) This is the Tye/Garth Litter, Anthony is the second from the right(he is the sire of the new puppies.  He will be three spring 98 antgra.jpg (46097 bytes)These are Grace and Anthony as 9 week old puppies
gusolly.jpg (54056 bytes)Ollie and Gus gusoll.jpg (53302 bytes) Again Gus and Ollie

Gus is Garth/Echo and Ollie is Garth/Hillary


Just some cute photos of puppies, too cute to put anywhere else:

fru.jpg (48234 bytes) Too cute! This is Mercy, she is  about 4 weeks, she is FruFru and Fivel's puppy and she is a Singleton puppy but she will be raised with Swissy babies so she will learn to be good
kitty1.jpg (59622 bytes)

Of Course, Mercy (at six weeks) is Kitty, the Mastiff's, best buddy, everyone needs a body guard!

mercy.jpg (51090 bytes) This is Mercy at about 10 weeks, is there anything cuter?  Just wait until you see her with the Chance puppies - talk about contrast.  Since Mercy is a singleton, we put her in with the younger (but larger) Swissy litter, she is their leader!!!


kittyplay3.jpg (72391 bytes)

I would crop this photo, but it gives you too much size comparison.   Kitty the Mastiff, "helping" teach Piccadilly at 7 1/2 weeks how to chew on a tennis ball, and in the background you get the supervision from "the FRU"

I just had to include this old pic, it is of course, my little "RandonBred" Duchess who is now 11 years old!!!!!!!!  too cute still!!!   If it weren't for her, the Swissies would not know when it is time to BARK!!!, the second photo is Duches doing her "hold the bone on the nose" trick for an audience at Camp Gone to the Dogs. duchpup.jpg (45384 bytes)       1duchtrk.jpg (51499 bytes)
This is the proud daddy, Sean, with two boys from his first litter, Oakley and Piccadilly at about 3 months old. pups.jpg (58365 bytes)
This is, of course, the cutest puppy pic of the century, Vixen has grown to be a good dog even if her mommy thinks she is bad!! vixcorn.jpg (37803 bytes)
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