O4/06/2014. . . . . . . Practice Requests for 2014

Practice requests will be accepted starting 12:01am on Thursday April 10, 2014.  The list of available slots will be posted on the webpage on April 9.  Pick the slot you want and send it in as a request via email.  This is different from previous years.  You may provide a list of choices in priority order, but you will receive only one practice time.  Only teams in good standing should submit requests.  Requests dated prior to the official start and those made by teams not in good standing will not be honored.


O4/05/2014. . . . . . . Preseason Schedule

The preseason schedule is complete and available via this website.  Each team has two games during the period April 15 through April 27.  Remember the games will be umpired and played just like regular season games except the scores will not be reported and the results will not affect the standings.  An announcement will be made when practice times become available.


O4/05/2014. . . . . . . Manager's Meeting Conducted

The annual Manager's Meeting was conducted on Thursday March 27.  The meeting started promptly at 7:30 in the Social Hall at Springfield United Methodist Church.  There are no new ASA rules for 2014.  There were no local rule changes proposed.  Softballs, scorebooks, and 2014 ASA rulebooks were distributed.  Teams not represented at the meeting are responsible for arranging pickup of these items.


O4-05/2014. . . . . . . 2014 Season Preparation

All managers from last year were sent the instructions for registering for the 2014 Spring Season.  Online Registration worked great for awhile, but it is now having difficulty.  There is a registration form available on request that churches may use to complete their 2014 registration.  Contact the League by phone 703.913.9594 or via email (