Food for Thought

These images of dead animals being turned into "food" are from the United States Department of Agriculture and Click on a picture to see a larger version from the original source.
This is where pork comes from.
Pig with severed head
This is where chicken comes from.
Chickens halfway to becoming meat
This is where beef comes from.
Cow with throat being drained
Here is one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth, being treated "humanely."
Pig sliced in half
Chicken is such a healthy food, isn't it?
Health Food!!!
The pigs guts are dumped into vats (in the foreground) before the pigs are sliced into tasty bacon, pork, ham, and other pig-death-foods.
Line of open pigs
Here are some more lovely vats of guts. Don't worry... they won't be thrown away! Think lunch-meat.
Tasty guts
This is a particularly disgusting room. In the front is a vat of bloody, fatty animal flesh. Around the room are more vats of tasty meat! Looks like paradise, no?
Big vats of flesh


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 These images are provided for vegetarians and people interested in vegetarianism to get a better picture of what it is they're working against. If you have more pictures like these, please contact me. Thank you.


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