Letter from Freedman Foods, an animal-killing company

On December 14, 1999, I got a letter purporting to be from a user on AOL. In fact, anyone who knows how to read e-mail headers would know that it was from Freedman Foods, a meat packing company. They professionally kill cattle, pigs, sheep, and various birds.

Just the fact that someone there felt obliged to write me a letter trying to convince me to discontinue my web page makes me feel like vegetarianism is finally starting to scare the animal mass-killers.

I'm posting their letter below (with the full e-mail headers) so you can see their underhanded tactics. Even if you do eat meat, I'd encourage you to consider what kind of company would indulge in such practices.

If you'd ever care to contact them, the e-mail address is (or was): buddy@houston.freedmanfoods.com,
they have a feedback form,
their phone number is 1-800-375-5444,
and their address is:
2901 Polk
Houston, TX 77003.

Enough said... here's their wonderful letter. Be sure to read the last paragraph!


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Dear Sir (?):

Our survival does not pivot on the fact that most people eat meat as you have stated many times in your theory page. In fact, cannibal‚s report that human flesh tastes a lot like swine, hence they‚re naming of their victims as "long pig."

We have eaten meat from killing of animals since the early days of the cave man. At that time our survival depended on eating meat from dead animals. Foraging for grains and other non-flesh foods only made up the majority of their diet when they were unable to kill adequate supplies of animals. This instinctive drive is part of our nature due to this background.

In the terms of time; if you took the time of "modern man" and compared that to what most would consider "primitive," the modern man's time on earth pales to our ancestors. How long does it take to have a "natural inhibition" be wiped from the human species? Unfortunately at the rate we are polluting the world, we may never know.

There are many other products that are produced from the slaughter of hapless animals. One comes to mind readily, leather, being the most obvious by-product from meat harvesting.

The most glaring fault I have with your analogy of the situation is: Are the animals being used for food sentient beings? If they are then your scales of arbitration makes the killing of anything live the best choice. Who are we to say that plants don't have feelings. We may not be able to discern any of these emissions because we have not been able to tune into their form of communication. We are still evolving just like everything else on the planet and we have little knowledge as to the how and why things work the way they do.

Your opinion of the situation you describe and subsequent fixes probably won't change the world much. Not even in your lifetime. Even if it does come to pass as you so hope, no one you know will be able to enjoy your "nirvana." So your futile attempt to change the world will be passed by the millions of people that use the internet. Only those who agree with you or strongly disagree with you will ever respond. And of those that do respond probably won‚t have much influence on the world either. So face it, what you are attempting to do is futile. Just give up while you still can.


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