Swing Dancer® Version 1.18 is a Swing dancer's manual by Craig R. Hutchinson. It provides definitions, an abbreviation dance code for annotating Swing dance figures, and over 1536 combinations of moves and turns, 17,280 dance positions, 17 decillion rhythm breaks, and 459 duodecillion figures.

The manual covers training, music, technique, choreography, and history with 49 tables, 100 figures, 7 abbreviation and illustration guides, over 50 exercises for learning to turn, and many examples of the abbreviation dance code.

It contains over 150 men's and 400 women's Swing rhythm breaks ready for immediate use on the wood, in addition to at least 29 Lindy Hop, 40 St. Louis Shag, 10 Charleston, 20 Big Apple/Shim Sham, 10 Jitterbug, 15 Carolina Shag, and 32 Hustle rhythm breaks.

The manual includes beginning, intermediate, and advanced level figures and amalgamations for Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Carolina Shag, and Hustle. Each level uses at least 190 beats of music.

Rhythm break and figure journals are provided to check off your progress as well as separate work sheets for annotating your own figures and rhythm breaks.

Also included are: over 190 music titles and artists which are popular among Swing dancers, a bibliography of Swing dancing in movies from 1935 to 1999, a bibliography of video tapes and books on Swing dancing, and a Swing dancer directory listing over 300 Swing dance clubs in the United States and overseas.

Swing Dancer is backed by a customer support system, over 300 pages of Swing Dancer Supplements, Swing Dancer video tapes, and a monthly Swing Dancer Newsletter that provides rhythm breaks, figures, and amalgamations, a calendar of Swing dancer events in the United States and Swing Dancer updates.

The manual has over 270 pages designed and pre-punched to fit in a three-ring, 8.5 X 11 inch, loose-leaf binder with index tabs of your own choice.

At less than the price of a private dance lesson, it is a steal at $20.00 without binder, or $25.00 with binder, plus $5.00 P&H. To order: Make checks payable to Craig R. Hutchinson and send order to CR Hutchinson, 3409 Silver Maple Place, Falls Church, VA 22042-3545, 703-698-9811, and not miss a beat!


Swing Dancer ISBN 0-9620617-0-0 $20, With Loose-Leaf Binder and Indexes $25

Postage & Handling each copy $6.00

P&H Overseas: Air-10 days $14, Sea-2 months $6, with binder $23/$8