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Packaging 10.06.00

Argentine Packaging Institute [Instituto Argentino del Envase] (in Spanish)
Association of Caribbean, Central and South American Corrugators (in Spanish)

Australia: All States Packaging Group  marketing organisation to supply the Australian Food Service Industry with it's packaging needs
Australia: Canned Food Information Service
Australia: Packaging Council of Australia
Australian Packaging Machinery Association

Australia: Victoria University, Centre for Packaging, Transportation and Storage
Brazilian Packaging Association [Associação Brasilaeira de Embalagem]
Brazil: PackStar  magazine (in Portuguese)
Canada: Packaging Association of Canada
Canadian Corrugated Case Association
Canadian Packaging Buyers Guide Directory Online
Canadian Packaging  monthly magazine
Canadian Pallet Council
Canadian Wooden Pallet and Container Association
China: Agricultural Products Packaging Information Network (in Chinese) requires GBK Chinese viewer
China National Packaging Information United Net (in Chinese) requires GB Chinese viewer
China Packaging Technology Association
Czech Republic: SYBA  packaging, packaging materials and packaging machinery manufacturers association
Czech Republic: Union of Czech and Moravian Producer Cooperatives  Packaging Producer Members Directory
Danish Technolocial Institute, Centre for Packaging and Transport (E&T) [Teknologisk Institut, Emballage og Transport (E&T)]
Denmark: Foodpack Denmark

Empaque  revista internacional - international magazine in Spanish
Europe: Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging
European Flexible Packaging Federation  FEDES
European Organization for Packaging and the Environment
European Packaging Holding  independent group of ten packaging companies
Finnish Packaging Association (in Finnish)
France: Le Fer Blanc  the site of Steel for Packaging of Sollac, filial of Usinor
France: Université de Reims Champagne Ardenne, School for Packaging Chartered - Engineers
French Packaging Institute
German Packaging Institute [Deutsche Verpackungsinstitut e.V.] (in German)
German Packaging Internet Site (in German)
Germany: Association of German Packaging Engineers [Bund Deutscher Verpackungsingenieure e.V.] (in German)
Germany: Creativ verpacken  packaging trade magazine dealing with all aspects of design and marketing (in German)
Germany: Fachverband Kartonverpackungen für flüssige Nahrungsmittel  German association of beverage carton makers (in German)
Germany: Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association  including company directory and industry statistics
Germany: Fraunhofer-Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV
Germany: IK Industrieverband Kunststoffverpackungen e.V.  industrial association of plastic packaging (in German)
Germany: Informations-Zentrum Weißblech e.V.   information on the manufacture of tinplate and its applications
Germany: Institut für Beratung - Forschung - Systemplanung - Verpackungsentwicklung und -prüfung  packaging research & consulting  (in German)
Germany: Working Party on Packaging + Environment [Arbeitsgemeinschaft Verpackung + Umwelt e.V. (AGVU)]
Hong Kong Packaging Institute
India: Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers of India
Indian Institute of Packaging
Institute of Packaging South Africa Northern Region
International Association of Packaging Research Institutes
International Confederation of Container Reconditioners
International Corrugated Case Association
Italian Association of Automatic Packing and Packaging Machinery Manufacturers
Italian Flexible Packaging Association-Giflex
Italian Machinery and Technology
Italy: Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi  CONAI - National Packaging Consortium (in Italian)
Italy: Giflex Flexible Packaging Group
Japan: Nippo Internet  Packaging & Waste Information Site
Japan Packaging Design Association (in Japanese)
Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association
Korea Packaging Mall  directory of suppliers of Packaging Materials, Packaging Equipment, Converting Equipment & Related Services
Korea, Republic of: Cosmopack  Packaging Business & Internet - Buyer's Guide into Korea Packaging Industry
Mexican Association of Packing and Packaging [Associación de Envase y Embalaje] (in Spanish)

Netherlands: Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation
Norwegian Swedish Packaging Handbook [Emballeringshandboken]
Norway: Materialretur proper environmental disposal of packaging materials
Norway: Packbusiness (in Norwegian and Danish)
Pack-Info World
Pack.It  The worldwide packaging marketplace - link directory to packaging sites
Probox corrugated packaging association

Russia: Major Contacts in the Russian Packaging Industry market report dated 7/97 from BISNIS
Russia: Packaging Equipment Market  market report dated 12/97 from BISNIS
Russia: Packaging Industry  market report dated 7/99 from BISNIS
Spain: El Servicio Interactivo de Información de la Asociación Graphispack  (in Spanish)
Spanish Packaging, Bottling and Printing Equipment
Swedish Packaging Research Institute-Packforsk
Sweden: Packnet

Swiss Packaging Institute [Schweizerische Verpackungsinstitut SVI] (in German)
Taiwan: Asia Package On-Line  Taiwan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Directory
Taiwan Packaging Machinery & Material Buyers' Guide
UK: Biffpack  approved compliance scheme for companies obligated to the PRO regulations
UK: Brunel University, Packaging Technology
UK: dotpackaging  news & information site from Miller-Freeman
UK: Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment (Incpen)
UK: Institute of Packaging
UK: Packaging Technology International  magazine
UK: Packnews Today
UK: Pira International Packaging Group
UK: Processing and Packaging Machinery Association
US Air Force PackWeb Packaging Information Server
US: Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers
US: Aluminum Foil Container Manufacturers Association
US Army ARDEC's Packaging Division (WECAC)
US: Aseptic Packaging Council
US: Association of Independent Corrugated Converters
US: BrandPackaging  magazine
US: California Film Extruders & Converters Association
US: California Polytechnic State University, Packaging Program  at San Luis Obispo
US: Can Manufacturers Institute
US: CANnections  newsletter  from American Iron and Steel Institute
US: Canned Food Alliance
US: Clemson University Department of Packaging Science
US: Composite Can & Tube Institute

US: Contract Packaging Association
US: Cosmetic & Personal Care Packaging  bimonthly magazine
US: Corrugated Packaging Council
US: Electronic Industry Pallet Standard Task Group
US: Environmental Packaging International
US: Fiberbox Association
US: Flexible Packaging Association
US: Food & Drug Packaging  magazine
US: Food Explorer Processing and Packaging
US: Food Processing Machinery & Supplies Association
US: Food Service & Packaging Institute
US: Generic Shipping Container Design Standards  from Agilent Technologies
US: Glass Packaging Institute
US: Guideline for Environmentally Responsible Packaging  from HP Packaging
US: H.B Tollette and Associates  Consultants to the Packaging Industry
US: Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council
US: Hewlett-Packard Packaging
US: High Density Packaging User Group
US: Indiana State University Packaging Technology
US: Industrial Metal Containers & Wire Decking  Product Section of the Material Handling Industry of America
US: Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP)
US: Institute of Packaging Professionals, Golden Gate Chapter
US: Institute of Packaging Professionals, Greater Chicago Chapter
US: International Molded Pulp Environmental Packaging Association
US: International Safe Transit Association  The Association for Transport Packaging
US: Label Packaging Suppliers Council
US: Michigan State University School of Packaging
US: Michigan State University School of Packaging, Center for Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging Research
US: Michigan State University School of Packaging, Consortium of Distribution Packaging
US: National Association of Container Distributors
US: National Institute of Packaging Handling and Logistics Engineers
US: National Paperbox Association
US: National Paper Trade Association
US: National Wooden Pallet & Container Association
US: Package Printing and Converting  monthly magazine
US: Packaging Digest
US: Packaging Education Forum
US: Packaging Horizons  Magazine
US: Packaging Industry Suppliers' Directory  from Packaging Online
US: Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute-Packnet
US: Packaging Management Online  daily packaging headline service
US: packaging
US: Packaging Online  from Paperboard Packaging Worldwide
US: Packaging Strategies Online
US: Packaging Technology & Engineering  magazine
US: Packaging World
US: Pallet Enterprise  magazine
US: Pallet-Mall
US: Pallet Profile Weekly  market report and weekly newsletter
US: Paperboard Packaging Converters Directory  from Packaging Online
US: Paperboard Packaging Council
US: Petroleum Packaging Council
US: Plastic Bag Association
US: Polystyrene Packaging Council
US: Processing And Packaging Machinery Association
US: Recycler's World
US: Retail Packaging Manufacturer's Association
US: Reusable Industrial Packaging Association
US: Reusable Plastic Container & Pallet Association  Product Section of the Material Handling Industry of America
US: Rochester Institute of Technology's Department of Packaging Science
US: Rutgers University, Packaging Science and Engineering
US: San Jose State University, Packaging Program
US: Spray Technology & Marketing  magazine
US: Steel Packaging Council
US: Steel Recycling Institute  Recycling Steel Cans
US: Steel Shipping Container Institute
US: Tag and Label Manufacturers Instutute
US: Transport Packaging
US: Tube Council of North America
US: Uniform Code Council

US: University of Florida, Applied Arts & Sciences of Packaging
US: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Packaging Program
US: University of Wisconsin-Stout, College of Technology, Engineering and Management, Packaging
US: Virginia Tech's William H. Sardo Jr. Pallet and Container Research Laboratory
US: Women in Packaging
World Packaging Organisation

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