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Beer and Breweries 08.06.05

Algerian Breweries
Argentine Breweries
Asia: Brewery Directory  from China Beer
Asian Brewery Directory from LABeer
Australia: Great Aussie Beer Page, The
Australian Beer/Brewing Database
Australian Brewery Directory
Australia: Victorian Beer Page
Australia: Victorian Craft Breweries
Australia: Western Australia Brewery Directory
Austria: Achwiegut  Guide to Austrian Beer
Austria:  Guide to Austrian Beer
Austrian Beer Articles with Focus on Edelweiss® Weissbier and Zipfer Pilsner-style Lager
Austrian Beer Guide
Austrian Brewery Directory  from Achwiegut
Austrian Brewery Directory  from
Austrian Brewers Association [Verband der Brauereien Österreichs] (in German)
Austria: Linz Pub Guide
Austria: Netbeer
Austria: Salzburg Pub Guide
Austria: Weißbier Compass  Guide to Wheat Beer including Brewery Directory
Azerbaijani Breweries
A to Z List of Beers  list of beers in production around the world
Beer  links directory from Food Web
Beer Club  with ratings of beers from all over the world
Beer Education  history, ingredients, brewing process
Beer History
Beer Hunter
Beer Internet Links
Beer Internet Links  list of links from breweries in exotic countries
Beer100: Intro to Beer  comprehensive introduction to beer types
Beer on Internet  Guide to beer links
Beersite Worldwide Brewery Industry and Brewery Industry Supplier Directory
Belgian Style  The On-Line Multi Media Guide to Belgian Beer
Belgium Beer Heaven  Brewery and Beer Cafe Guide
Belgium Beer Paradise  Beer and Brewery Guide
Belgium: Confederation of Belgian Breweries
Belgium: De Objectieve Bierproevers (in Flemish)
Belgium: Lambic Beer Brewery and Blender Directory
Belgium: Lambic Beer Resources on the Net
Belgium: Lambic Beers
Belgium-Limbourg: De Limburgse Biervrienden (in Flemish)
Belgium & Netherlands: Bierreis door België en Nederland  Brewery Directory (in Flemish/Dutch)
Belgium: Wallonia Brewery Directory
Benelux Beer Guide
Brewery, The-Total Homebrewing Info
Brewpubs, Microbreweries and Fine Bars of the World
Bulgaria: The Beer Sector in Bulgaria  market report
Canada: Alberta Microbreweries, Brewpubs and Pubs
Canada: Brewers Association of Canada
Canada: Brewing Industry Statistics
Canada: British Columbia Beer Guide
Canada: British Columbia Microbreweries, Brewpubs and Pubs
Canada: British Columbia Microbrewery Directory
Canada: Nova Scotia Brewpubs and Microbreweries
Canada: Ontario Microbreweries, Brewpubs and Pubs
Canada-Quebec: Bier@Net (in French)
Canada-Quebec: Bières et Monde (in French)
Canada-Quebec: BiereMag monthly magazine (in French)
Canada: Quebec Brewpub, Brewery and Brewing Industry Directory
Canada: Quebec Brewpub Directory
Canada-Quebec: Brasseurs d'Idees (in French)
Canada-Quebec: La bière au Québec  Quebec Beer Industry Market Study (in French)
Canada: Quebec Microbreweries, Brewpubs and Pubs
Canada: Saskatchewan Brewpubs
Canadian Beer Index  Brewpub, Brewery and Brewing Industry Supplier Directory
Canadian Beer Review
China Beer Guide
China: Beer Production in China  a report by Xu Gan Rong and Bao Tong Fa
China: Malt beverages manufacturers directory  from Dragon Web
China: Malt manufacturers directory  from Dragon Web
China: National Beer Quality Standard  specifications for national beer standard GB 4927-91
Chinese Beer Industry Statistics
Chinese Breweries  from Beer Is My
Czech Beer Directory
Czech Beer FAQ  from Radio Praha
Czech Beer Page  from Milan Starec
Czech Brewers Association (in Czech)
Czech Brewery Directory  from Czech Brewers Association
Czech Brewery Directory  from Milan Starec
Czech Brewery Directory  from Radio Praha
Czech Hop Growing Industry Internet Page
Czech Republic: Chmelaøský institut s.r.o  Hop research institute (in Czech)
Czech Republic: Fermentation Industry [Kvasný Prumysl]  monthly magazine (in Czech)
Czech Republic: Prague Pub Guide
Danish Beer Enthusiasts [Danske Ølentusiaster]
Danish Brewers' Association (in Danish)
Danish Brewery Directory
Danish Brewery Industry Market Report (in Danish)
Denmark: Bruggeren Danish monthly brewery industry publication (in Danish)
EU: Confédération de l'industrie de la Brasserie de l'Union Européenne (CBMC) European brewers' association
EU Hops Industry Statistics
European Beer and Pub Guides
European Beer Consumers Union
European Brewers Suppliers Guide
European Brewing Industry Association Directory
European Brewing Industry Statistics
Europe: breWorld - European Beer and Brewing Industry Trade Database
Europe: breWorld - European Brewing Industry
Finland: Beer in Cyberspace
Finland: Short Guide to Finnish Beer
Finnish Brewery Directory
France: Biere et Monde  including worldwide brewpub and brewery directory
France: Les Amis de la Biere d'Ile de France (in French)
France: Paris Beer Guide [Le Guide de la Bière à Paris]
German Beer and Brewery Directory  from DLG
German Beer Internet Links Directory
German Brewey Internet Link Directory [Die Brauereien im Web]  from Jörg Bagehorn
German Breweries and Malthouses Directory  from Research and Teaching Institute of Brewing, Berlin (VLB)
German Brewers Association [Deutscher Brauer-Bund] (in German)
German Brewery Database
German Brewery Directory  from
German Brewery Directory  from Bières et Monde
German Brewery Directory  from GastroNet
German Brewing Cooperative [Deutsche Brau-Kooperation]
German Brewing Industry Statistics  from
German Brewing Industry Statistics  from German Brewers Association (in German)
German Brewmasters and Maltsters Alliance [Deutscher Braumeister- und Malzmeister-Bund] (in German)
German Wine Institute  including German wine export statistics
Germany-Bavaria: Beer Garden Guide, The [Der Internet Biergartenführer] (in German)
Germany-Bavaria: Forchheim Brewery Directory [Brauereien in Forchheim]
Germany-Bavaria: Fränkische Schweiz Brewery Directory
Germany-Bavaria: Good Beer in Bamberg and Franconia
Germany: Bavarian Brewers Association [Bayerischer Brauerbund] (in German)
Germany: Bavarian Breweing Industry Statistics (in German)
Germany: Bavarian State Brewing Institute for Trial and Research
Germany: German Beer Website
Germany: Beer Guide to Baden Württemberg, Rheinland Pfalz, Saarland and Hessen
Germany-Berlin: Research and Teaching Institute of Brewing in Berlin [Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei in Berlin (VLB)]
Germany: Berlin Technical University's Chair of Brewing Technology [Das Fachgebiet Brauereitechnologie der Technischen Universität Berlin]
Germany: Beer in Railway Stations [Bier Am Bahnhof] (in German)
Germany: Brau Ring-Kooperationsgesellschaft Privater Brauereien (in German)
Germany-Bremen: Beer from Bremen
Germany: Brewery Forum [Brauerei Forum] (in German)
Germany: Brewlink (in German)
Germany: Brewpub and Brewery Guide
Germany: Erlebnis- und Gasthaus- Brauereien in Deutschland (in German)
Germany-Nordrhein-Westfalen: Cologne Brewers Association [Kölner Brauerei-Verbandes e.V.]
Germany-Nordrhein-Westfalen: Cologne Brewery Directory [Brauhäuser in Köln]
Germany: Pub-Live-and Micro Brewing Manufacturers and Accessories Directory
Icelandic Beer Page
Ireland: Virtual Irish Pub
Insitute for Brewing Studies Brewery Locator  Worldwide Brewery Database
Italian Beer Guide to Microbreweries and Pubs
Italian Beer Industry Statistics (in Italian)
Italian Beer Page [Birra italiana]
Italy: Association of Beer and Malt Industries [L’Associazione degli Industriali della Birra e del Malto] (in Italian)
Italy: Italian Beer Site (in Italian)
Italy: Birrificio Italiano-Birra Artigianale (in Italian)
Japanese Beer Page
Latvia: Beer and Brewery Information (in Russian)
Mead An alcoholic beverage made by fermenting a solution of honey and water
Mead: An Analysis of Mead, Mead Making and the Role of its Primary Constituents from The Yeast Culture Kit Company
Mead: A New Way of Making Mead  from Midnite Bee
Mead: A Sip Through Time  Historical Mead Recipes
Mead: Austrian Honey Wine
Mead, drink of the Gods  Mead brewing manual
Meadery Directory  Where to Find Commercially Produced Mead
Meadery, The  Mead information page
Mead FAQ   The Mead-Lovers README file: History and Tradition of Mead, Types of Mead, Kinds of Honey, Adding Acid, Preparing the Must, Yeasts, Fermentation, Bottling...
Mead Made Easy  a book on how to make mead
Mead Maker's Page  Mead brewing manual
Netherlands-Amsterdam: Breweries and Brewpubs Directory
Netherlands: Amsterdam Pub Guide
Netherlands: Association Promotion Information Traditional Beer-The Dutch Beerpages
Netherlands: Beer, Brewpub and Brewery Guide
Netherlands & Belgium: Bierreis door België en Nederland  Brewery Directory (in Dutch)
Netherlands Brewery Directory  from Grote Nederlandse Bier Encyclopedie
Netherlands Brewery Directory  from The Dutch Beerpages
Netherlands: Bier In Nederland - Van Pilswoestijn naar Speciaalbier-Oase (in Dutch)
Netherlands: Bierkamer-vereniging met als doelstelling het bevorderen van de kennis van bieren (in Dutch)
Netherlands: Centraal Brouwerij Kantoor-CBK (in Dutch)
Netherlands: Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures  Dutch research institute specializing in yeast and fungi
Netherlands: Grote Nederlandse Bier Encyclopedie (in Dutch)
Netherlands-Zeeland: De Zeeuwse Bierbrouwerijen (in Dutch)
New Brewer International magazine
Norway: Beer and Beerpub Guide
Norway: Federation of Norwegian Beer Consumers
Norway: Høgørøk Øl Premium Beer  product overview, how it is made, how it works
Norway: Norwegian Brewery and Soft Drink Industry Association [Norsk Bryggeri-og Mineralvannindustris Forening] (in Norwegian)
Norwegian Beer Industry Beer Statistics
Poland: Bractwo Piwne-Towarzystwa Promocji Kultury Piwa  beer brotherhood (in Polish)
Polish Breweries Internet Links List
Polish Brewery Directory
Professional Brewers Page
Real Beer Page  Guide to beer, brewpubs, microbreweries, and the beer industry
Real Beer Page Monthly E-Newsletter
Russian Brewery Directory
Russia: Prospects for the Beer Market  market report dated 8/97 from BISNIS
Slovak Brewery Directory
Slovenia-Ljubljana: Drustvo Domacih Pivovarjev (in Slovenian)
Spanish Brewers Business Confederation [Confederacion Impresorial de Cerveceros de Espana]
Sweden: Beer in Sweden  including brewery, beer and brewpub directories
Swedish Beer Consumers Association [Svenska Ölfrämjandet]
Swedish Brewers´ Association [Svenska Bryggareföreningen]
Swedish Brewery and Brewpub Directory
Swedish Brewery Directory  from Swedish Brewers' Association
Swedish Brewery Directory  from Beer Is My Life
Swiss Beerbrewers' Association [Schweizerischer Bierbrauerverein] (in German)
Swiss Brewery Directory  from Swiss Beerbrewers' Association
Swiss Brewery Directory  from Beer Is My Life
Switzerland: Fellowship of Barley Drinkers [Association des Buveurs d'Orges]
Switzerland: Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Biervielfalt, GFB
Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau
Ukraine: Beer Industry  market report dated 10/98 from BISNIS
UK: BeerLine Guide to UK Breweries
UK: Brewer, Journal for the Professional Brewer
UK: Brewers and Licenced Retailers Associations-Beers & Pubs UK
UK: British Breweries with web pages
UK: British Brewery and Pub Guide Directory
UK: British Brewery Directory  from Pubworld
UK: British Brewery Suppliers Directory  from Pubworld
UK: CAMRA Campaign for Real Ale
UK: Craft Brewing Association
UK: Home of Real Ale  Internet Links Guide
UK: Independent Family Brewers of Britain
UK: Independent Regional British Breweries
UK: International Brewers Guild
UK: Licencee-Online Pub Finder
UK: London's Virtual Real Ale Pub Guide
UK MAFF Statistics: Brewers, Distillers and Maltsters Usage and Stocks
UK: Northern Ireland Pub Guide
UK: Pubworld
UK: Progressive Duty for U.K. Independent Brewers
UK: Real Ale Database  Beer and Brewery Directory
UK: Real Ale Reference
UK-Scotland: Glasgow Pub Guide
US-Alabama-Birmingham Brewmasters: Beer in Alabama
US: Ale Street News  monthly magazine
US: All About Beer Brewpub Finder  US brewpub directory
US: All About Beer  monthly magazine
US: American Brewer Magazine  including California Breweries Directory
US: American Mead Association
US: American Society of Brewing Chemists
US: Association of Brewers - Beertown
US: Beer Institute  official trade association for the American brewing industry
US: Beer Drinkers of America
US: Beer Journal, The
US: MicroBreweries | Brewpubs | HomeBrew USA Directory
US Breweries Directory  from Tastings
US: Brewery Internet Links Directory  from Torque
US: Brewing Techniques Magazine
US: Brew Magazine
US: Brew Lovers Site
US: BrewPub Magazine
US: Brew Review
US: Brew Your Own Magazine
US: California Beerpage  including California Microbrewery Directory
US: California Brewpub Directory
US-California: LA
US-California: Northern California MicroBreweries | Brewpubs | HomeBrew
US-California: Southern California Beer Guide
US-California: Southern California Beer News
US-California: Southern & Central California MicroBreweries | Brewpubs | HomeBrew
US & Canada Brewery Directory  from Beer Expedition
US & Canada: Craft Beer and Craft Brewery Directory
US: Celebrator Beer News  bi-monthly magazine
US: Connecticut Beverage Association Connecticut Wine and Beer Buying Guide
US: Connecticut Breweries and Brewpubs
US: Connecticut Brewery Directory
US: Craft Brewers Guild
US-DC: Washington And Vicinity Beer Guide
US: Florida Statutes, Beer Chapter 563, 1998 Statutes - state laws regarding beer
US-Georgia: Atlanta Beer Guide
US: Happy Hours  information source of event schedules and brand promotions
US: Hawaii Brewery Internet Links Guide
US: Illinois MicroBreweries | Brewpubs | HomeBrew
US: Iowa Brewers Guild
US: Iowa Wine and Beer  Wineries and Brewing Companies
US: Malt Advocate  quarterly magazine
US: Maine Brewery Directory
US: Massachusetts Microbreweries, Brewpubs and Pubs
US: Master Brewers Association of the Americas
US: Michigan Beer Guide
US: Michigan Brewers Guild
US: Michigan Brewery Directory
US: Michigan Microbrewery & Brewpub Guide
US: Microbreweries, Brewpubs and Pubs Directory
US: Microbrewery Index  Internet link directory from Cooperstown USA
US: Microbrewery Internet Link Directory  from American Brewer
US: Midwest Beer Notes magazine
US-Missouri: Kansas City BrewPubs
US-Missouri: St. Louis Brewer's and Beer Drinker's Resource Guide
US: National Beer Wholesalers Association
US-Nevada: Southern Nevada Ale Fermenters Union
US: New Hampshire Beer Page
US: New Hampshire Brewery Directory
US: New Hampshire Craft Brewers Association
US: New Hampshire MicroBreweries | Brewpubs | HomeBrew
US: New Jersey Brewpubs and Microbreweries
US-New Jersey: Garden State Craft Brewers Guild
US: New York MicroBreweries | Brewpubs | HomeBrew Directory
US-New York: New York City Beer Guide
US-North Dakota: Prairie Homebrewing Companions
US: Oklahoma Beer Page
US: Oregon Beer Page  Oregon Brewpubs and Microbreweries Directory
US: Oregon Brewers Guild
US: Oregon Hop Commission
US: Oregon MicroBreweries | Brewpubs | HomeBrew
US: Oregon & Pacific Northwest Brew Links
US-Oregon: Portland Area Brewpubs and Microbreweries
US-Oregon & Washington: Northwest BrewPage  Guide to Pubs, Brewpubs and Breweries in the Pacific Northwest
US-Oregon & Washington: Northwest Micro Brew Page  Guide to Microbreweries in the Pacific Northwest
US-Pennsylvania: Beer in Pittsburgh
US-Pennsylvania: Beer Philadelphia Magazine
US: Pennsylvania MicroBreweries | Brewpubs | HomeBrew
US: Rhode Island Brewery Directory
US: Southern Draft Brew News
US: Tastings The Journal of the Beverage Testing Institute-Beer Home Page
US-Texas: Dallas Beer Page
US-Texas: Dallas Beerpubs
US-Texas: Houston area Microbrewery, Brewpub and Pub Directory
US-Texas: MicroBreweries | Brewpubs | HomeBrew
US: Vermont Brewery Directory
US: Virtual Beer Garden
US: Virtual Beer Garden USA Brewery Directory
US-Washington: Microbrew Enthusiasts Of Washington  Washington State Brewery Directory
US-Washington: MicroBreweries | Brewpubs | HomeBrew
US: Wisconsin Beer Page
US-Wisconsin: Cream City Suds
Venezuelan Beers
What Ales You  beer and brewery information site
World of Beer  bi-monthly magazine
Worldwide Beer Database  beers listed by country
Worldwide Beer Database  from What Ales You
Worldwide Beer Links Directory
Worldwide Brewery and Beer Database  from Craft Brewers Guild
Worldwide Brewery Database  from What Ales You
Worldwide Brewery Directory  gak's Regional Brewery Guides
Worldwide Brewery Internet Link Directory  from Henry
WWW Virtual Library: Beer & Brewing
WWW Virtual Library: Brewery Directory
WWW Virtual Library: Brewpubs and Pubs Directory
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