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Food Industry 08.06.01

this page lists only those sites covering the Food Industry as a general topic, see these related categories for more links:

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Food Technology  Frozen Food  Meat Industry  Milling Industry  Poultry and Eggs Industry  Sugar Industry and Sugar Refineries

Argentina: Food Rules Query Database
Argentina: National Institute of Food [Instituto Nacional de Alimentos]
Australia: Food Australia Journal
Australia New Zealand Food Authority
Australia: Food Exports to Asia
Australia: Food Industry Statistics
Australia-South Australia: Food Industy Profiles-Sauces, Oils & Condiments Industries
Australia-South Australia: Department of Primary Industries & Resources South Australia: Food On-line
Australia-South Australia: Future Food Newsletter
Australia: South Australian Food & Beverage Registry  directory
Australia: South Australian Food Export Statistics
Australia: Supermarket to Asia Council
Australia: Supermarket to Asia  quarterly magazine
Australia-Victoria: Food Industry News
Australia-Victoria: Food Victoria  government initiative
Australia: Victorian Food Halal Directory
Austria: AMA-Gütesiegel Austrian food quality seal of approval (in German)
Belgian Foreign Trade Board: Food Industry Market Reports
Brazil Daily Food Prices (in Portuguese)
Brazil: Sao Paolo State Food Industry Workers Federation (in Portuguese)
Canada: Alberta Food Industry Directory
Canada: Alberta Food Industry and Food Industry Services Directory
Canada: Atlantic Canada Food Marketing Guide
Canada: Food Beverage Canada
Canada: Food Institute of Canada-FoodNet
Canada: Ontario Agri-food International Trade Statistics
Canada: Ontario Food Industry Statistics
Canada: Quebec Food Products Exporters Directory
Canada: Saskatchewan Food Industry Directory
Canada: Saskatchewan Food Industry Product Sourcing Directory
Canadian Association of Specialty Foods
Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors
Canadian Food Brokers Association
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Canadian Food Regulations
Canadian Food Trade Alliance
Canadian Grocer Online
China: Food & Kindred Products Manufacturers Directory  from Dragon Web
China: Food Preparations Manufacturers Directory  from Dragon Web
China: Food Processing Industry Directory
China: Misc. Food and Kindred Products Manufacturers, Importers and Exporters Directory from Dragon Web
Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
European Pig Producers
Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)
Food and Beverage Industry News  from Yahoo
Food and Beverage Trade Associations Directory
Food Contact  Food Industry Directory
Food Manufacturing Forum Online
FoodPath food industry information, links and resources
Food Trader Network
France: National Federation of Specialized Foodstuff Traders and Foreign Trade Unions
France: Rungis-Marché International
French Food Industry Statistics (in French)
Germany: Bund für Lebensmittelrecht und Lebensmittelkunde e.V. (in German)
India: Food Corporation of India
India: Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs, Department of Food and Civil Supplies
International Association of Food Industry Suppliers
International Association of Milk, Food and Environmental Sanitarians
International Food Information Council
International Food Information Service
International Fresh-cut Produce Association
International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations - IUF
Ireland: Agriculture and Food Development Authority
Irish Food Board
Italian Food Industry Data Base
Italian Food Industry Workers Union [Unione Italiana Lavoratori Agroalimentari] (in Italian)
Italy: Agrofood Italia Food Industry Company Database
Italy: CIBUS Food Industry Company Database
Hong Kong: Food Supply and Consumption
Japan: Basic Law on Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas  provisional English translation
Japan: Ishikawa Food Association
Netherlands Food Industry Statistics
New Zealand: Agribusiness New Zealand  food and agribusiness annual conference site
Philippines: Association of Food Industries Members Directory
Philippines: Seaweed Industry Association of the Philippines
Polish Food Commodity Exchange Prices Weekly Statistics (in Polish)
Polish Food Market Prices Weekly Statistics
Russia-Chuvash Republic: Food Industry Projects
Russia: "Minresursekspertiza" association for the certification of food products (in Russian)
Russia: Magazin "Produkti Pitanyia"  food magazine (in Russian)
Russia: Novosibirsk Region Food Corporation (in Russian)
Russia: Samara Region Food Corporation (in Russian)
Russia: St. Petersburg Food Market Survey  market report dated 2/99 from BISNIS
Spain: Alimarket Online Food and Related Industries Database
Spain-Extramadura: Food Manufacturers Directory
Spain: Extramadura Food Quality Label [Marca de Calidad "Alimentos de Extremadura"]
Spain: Food & Beverage Distributors Company Database  from Alimarket
Spain: Food & Beverage Industry Internet Link Directory  from Alimarket
Spain: Food Consumption Statistics (in Spanish)
Spain: Food & Drink Industry Associations and Companies Directory  from FIAB
Spain: Food Industry Equipment and Services Directory
Spain: Food Industry Facts Statistics (in Spanish)
Spain: Food Industry Socio-Economic Indicators and Statistics (in Spanish)
Spain: Food Industry Statistics (in Spanish)
Spain: Food Quality  report on food quality control policy
Spain: Non-Perishable Food Company Database  from Alimarket
Spain: Perishable Food Company Database  from Alimarket
Spanish Food & Drink Industry Federation (FIAB)
Sweden: LivsmedelsSveriges
Sweden: National Food Administration
Swedish Food Industry Statistics (in Swedish)
Taiwan: Asia Food Industry Online's Food and Food Equipment Manufacturers Directory
Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute
Taiwan: Food Industry Research and Development Institute
thefoodsite Miller-Freeman publications food industry website
UK: British Sandwich Association
UK: Food and Drink Online  including UK Food and Beverage Industry Producers Database
UK: Food from Britain  UK's leading international food and drink marketing consultancy
UK: Food Industry Web Directory
UK: Hampshire Fare Web Site  represents and promotes producers of speciality food, drink and craft based in Hampshire
UK: Kentish Fare  regional association of producers of fine food and drink throughout the County of Kent
UK MAFF: Food Information Page
UK MAFF: National Food Survey
UK: Middle England Fine Foods  portfolio of food producers from the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire
UK: Northern Ireland Food & Drink Association
UK: Northern Ireland Food Industry Service Providers Directory
UK: Northern Ireland Fruits and Vegetables Producers Directory
UK: Northern Ireland Misc. Food Products Producers Directory
UK: North Wset Fine Foods  food producers listed by product category
UK: Scottish Food and Drink
UK: Taste of the Southeast  profile of regional specialty products
UK: Taste of the West  provides business development, promotional and training services to West Country producers and processors of speciality food and drink
UK: Tastes of Anglia  providing services to producers, processors, retailers and caterers of high quality food and drink
UK: Yorkshire Pantry  food producers listed by product category
US: American Wholesale Marketers Association
US: California Specialty Food Association
US & Canada Food Equipment Manufacturers Directory
US & Canada: North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM)
US & Canada: Organic Trade Association
US & Canada: Thomas Food Industry Register
USDA AMS: Fruit and Vegetable Market News Reports

USDA: Food Price Outlook Latest Report
USDA NASS: Agricultural Monthly Prices Report  crops, livestock, dairy and poultry
USDA NASS: Cold Storage Monthly Inventories By Product

US: Food Associations Directory
US: Food Channel
US: Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
US: Food Explorer Business & Marketing
US: Food Explorer Product Development
US Food Industry and Food Industry Supplier Company Directory  from FSProNet
US: Food Ingredients Online
US: Food Institute, The
US: Food Logistics  magazine
US: Food Marketing Institute
US: Food Master  Food Industry Equipment and Services Suppliers Directory
US: Food Online
US: Food People
US: Food Processing  magazine
US: Food Quality  magazine
US: Food Resource  internet links directory
US: Food Safety Index  internet links directory
US Food Regulations
US: Foodservice World
US Government Food Safety Information
US: Grocery Manufacturers of America
US: Grocery Shopping Net  "Internet Solutions for the Grocery Industry"
US: Illinois Food Guide  Food Industry Company Directory
US: Iowa Food Products Producers Directory
US: Massachusetts Specialty Foods Products and Producers Directory
US-Minnesota: University of Minnesota, Retail Food Industry Center
US: Montana Food Industry Producers Directory
US: National Association for the Specialty Food Trade
US: National Food Safety Database
US: Nebraska Food Industry Producers Directory
US: Oregon Food Industry Company Database
US: Produce Marketing Association
US: Rhode Island Food Processors & Food Export Companies  directory
US: Thomas Food Industry Register  food industry company database
US: United Food and Commercial Workers International Union

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